There’s probably no news that would pass on day by day without involving the coronavirus (Covid-19) or anyone who hasn’t heard about it.

The virus is said to cause disease in animals one way or the other transferred to humans creating a very big risk to not only china where it started but to the world at large that 20 percent of cases that have been confirmed was critical which resulted to a death rate of about 2 percent.

Wuhan is the sprawling capital of central china’s Hubei province where the (Covid-19) started in a wet market that actually got people to eat both dead and live animals which include birds and fishes that were sold.

As I stated earlier that it’s a virus transferred from animals to humans (not truly confirmed) like that of Ebola that started through bats.

Over 81,000 people are said to be affected resulting in 2,700 deaths, Reports confirmed that scientists have been working endlessly to find a cure for it.

The virus is transmitted through a various process such as sneezing, coughing and have symptoms such as fever alongside difficult breathing but not yet confirmed if it’s airborne.

Now the virus has gotten to several countries including Nigeria, the first case of the virus in Nigeria was recorded on the 25th of February 2020 by an Italian citizen who works in Nigeria but there’s no serious symptom as he is presently in a hospital at Yaba.

There are certain things we would look at why the disease might grow bigger in Nigeria;

1. Ignorance

The World Health Organization (W.H.O)has given us preventive measures about the virus and how careful we should be about it.

Most Nigerians wouldn’t care about such information and just continue with a normal daily routine leading to a bigger risk.

Solution:- Read all the information carefully.


Reports have been confirmed that over 60 million Nigerians can’t read and write, it is actually alarming.

We have 170 million Nigerians with about close to 35% being unable to read and write causing misinterpretation of information for (Covid-19) getting dangerous as a disadvantage to all.

Solution:- Help and share useful information with people who find it difficult to understand.

3. Carefree Attitude

More preventive measures have been introduced to stay safe against coronavirus and as I stated earlier about symptoms like coughing, Sneezing, Any of this shouldn’t be ignored at all even though most of us are known for this, We can’t be free from responsibility and invite risk.

Solution:- Never take any information for granted.

4. Overcrowding

According to the large population in Nigeria, most places are always crowded like the bus stations, canteens, markets and many more.

As it has been known that the (Covid-19) can be transmitted in different ways, staying in a crowded place wouldn’t be good.

Solution:- Avoid crowded places.

NOTE:- Ensure you take all preventive measures concerning the coronavirus.

Written by:- Ashiru Fuad Olasunkanmi