Have you ever thought about why you enjoy the music that you listen to?

Has it ever crossed your mind that certain tunes cling to your head and you find yourself humming to it?

The main reason behind this phenomenon lies in the construction of the tune.

In this time or pandemonium where everything has come to a standstill point, it is the music that consoles and keeps us hooked.

It is the different varieties of elements that complete a tune, it is what makes it electric and connective.

The music owes its beauty and charm to the elements of compositions.

Each genre of the song has a different type of element that makes it more alluring and makes it stand apart from the rest.

All those parts speak to a certain category of people, it is what makes a musician compose.

It is in this time of pandemic the musicians are coming towards in order to create new music, to keep the flow normal, to make ‘living’ easier and worth living for.

Art gives us a reason to live as it is a hope that resides in us when we hum our favorite songs.

What are the elements that go into the making of ‘pound of music’

The audience takes a liking to a piece that speaks to them.

To some, it is the hip hop, to some, it is pop, to some it is classical music, to some it is Rock.

There are many genres of music in this world that capture a different part of our soul, but there are different theoretical elements that contribute the most.


The melody is considered to be the most contributing part of a song.

It is this melody that completes a song and gives the body to the piece.

A series of notes or pitches are the ones that give it a body known as a tune.

Now, these tones create different sounds depending on the length of the layer of time applied to it or the structurality of it which is embodied by the key and other parts.

It is mainly an amalgamation of tone and time, stretched or pitched together to make a piece more accurate and melodious.

If it is correct, it will invoke a sense of familiarity in the listener.

The tone has its own character which is due to the phrasing of the sentence, interval of the time, and the contouring of the tune.

In order to make the tune turn into a melodious rhythmical creation, one has to employ all of these characteristic elements into the piece so that it can appear as a perfect piece.

The melody goes in two ways. It goes up and down.

The melody needs an accompaniment which will highlight the main melody.

Many pop singers, bands use such techniques to highlight, rather pick up the aesthetic of the piece.


The pitch is the man structural body of the composition of harmony.

The pitches are what make perfect harmony.

They are generally vertically combined so as to create the result of a harmonious tune.

If they are not beautifully aligned, then a misplaced tune will be created which will more sound like a mess.

The aligned pitches are known as chords or triads.

These are a form of accompaniment that supports the melody in a harmonious way.

The motes are a formation of each chord or triad formed together.

These small elements make the tune, which when grouped together along with another structural element will create a body.


It is another important part that makes the body of the piece more functional and in unison.

The key is a method of grouping the pitches altogether in order to create a formation of the family key or keynote.

The keys are grouped together based on one significant commonality which makes the stand up more.

Usually, the ending of the key and the beginning of the key has the same pattern so as to sound more familiar.

These are known as scale.

This scale creates a harmonious tone.

Keys adds the texture to the formation.

It is the giver of the structurality which owes its importance to tonic and dominant.

These keys are divided into two parts, that is major and minor.

The minor key highlights the major one so as to make both of the keys appear as one.


The meter is much needed in the world of music.

The meter is what forms the elements into a structured, aligned, and organized construction.

It is the glue that binds the whole thing together.

It occurs as a form of beat and pulses in the music.

Hip hop music, EDM, alternative rock are rich in these beats and pulses.

The regular formation of the best can be noticed as it maintains a simplified method of repeated occurrence.

The meter goes strongly and mildly depending on the key structure, time, and the variation of the elements.


The application of music after giving it the structure and formation is known as rhythm. It is where music comes to life.

The process of the application is rhythm.

The rhythms have to be of different lengths duration and that is why rhythms are important.

The beats are important and that is what contributes to the song.

What are the successful chartbusters?

For a long time, songs from different countries have taken place in international charts, these songs are known as the chartbusters or record-breakers.

Calling them a record-breaker simply implies the popularity and longevity of that song on these charts.

Currently, looking at the situation worldwide, multiple industries have faced huge downfalls and the music industry is no exception.

Although the best thing about this time is, composers have got the time to invest their complete focus on song-making, which normally indicates the release of a bunch of songs in the coming months and years.

Here is a chart that determines what type of songs might top the charts and why people will be drawn towards them.



All three charts display the top 10 songs of this decade that have spent the most time at No. 1 in different countries.

Each of the songs exhibited in these charts (mentioned below).

These international hits have one similar thing, they are popular to all regardless of culture or language.

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We are living in a time when the structural integrity of a song can make a piece from becoming chartbuster or can break the whole deal.

In this article, we have discussed the five key points of formation of the song that makes it a chartbuster.

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