January is fast running off again 😭 Just like many other people, you’ll have come up with different revolutions, ideas, models and strategies to live by for your success in 2019.

I want you to know that it is possible you evaluate yourself come December 2019 and realized you didn’t achieve half of your goals. This is because there are some factors that if you fail to consider, even as you plan 2019, will be the reasons for your failure.Fail

Let’s swing into the real deal, checkout the 2 possible reasons why so many people will fail.

1. You Will Fail If You Don’t Take Action
Action speak louder than voice — Abraham Lincoln.


I am a Christian but I want you to know that no matter how much we love to listen to prophetic words if we don’t take action 2019, nothing will come to past.

If you desire success this coming year and by success I mean, achieving your set goals for 2019. You need to stop planning and start taking.

Don’t make any excuse 2019. If you want to start a business, believe me, there is no better time to start a Business with almost no Capital then now. Think of how to do it.