Busy Brain

I was alone, lying on the bed around 5pm and seriously thinking about life entirely. What got me thinking was not only about how to make it in life. I was deep in thought on how to succeed without joining the bandwagon of men that rob women of their panties. Within myself, I was thinking about what could have led men into this when they can actually work with their hands and make it. My mind paused a while and asked myself: Where is the job; where is the employment opportunities in Nigeria? I quickly recalled that am also a graduate currently serving while many had graduated before me without employment. But One mind told me, maybe the so-called graduates are not brilliant or they cannot defend their results. Immediately, I sensed back that, there are thousands of brilliant graduates with first class and distinction still wandering around with their CVs. Why are they still wandering around? I asked myself rhetorically and then, I concluded, it is never about being brilliant in Nigeria as the chance for brilliancy and meritocracy is narrow when it comes to employment opportunities. It is about knowing somebody who knows somebody that now know somebody to get connected. I sighed deeply and asked myself: ‘who am I and who do I know ?Busy Brain

While pondering on this question, I logged in to my facebook page and saw different uploads on ten years challenge. As if that was not enough, I saw many funny pictures that got me laughing uncontrollably. Many pictures of different people who I saw for the past ten years was like the Libya returnees. Many wore a pitiable look as if they were serving in Sambisa forest then. It was fun and at the same time mysterious.

I’m a little bit relieved due to some laughing moment I had on facebook for few minutes. Then I decided to look for my own picture too for the challenge. Guess what, mine was more funnier than those ones I saw online. I don’t only look like Libya returnees, I actually resemble someone suffering from sickle-cell with my long neck and extra-large shirt. Those that viewed my status would know what am talking about here. I don’t bother myself to look at the years interval with the picture I pix-mixed. I just looked at the two pictures and juxtaposed. Then I realized that, my present picture does not resemble the one I used as challenge. I can’t even figure out the resemblance. I have changed seriously. Looking good, strong and healthy. Then I asked myself again: Who am I and who do I know that made the changes for me for the past ten years ? I answered myself: ‘ It is God’s favour, blessings and protection upon me all the way.’ Then, my mind told me that: The God that I know who Has been making changes since years back is forever alive. I looked at my ten years challenge picture again and I said :” ” Glory be to God” ‘Alhamdullilah’


Affirmatively, my mind told me to keep my faith and abstain from hasty wealth. It is just a matter of time. Ten years challenge: away and beyond; the one which is yet to come is greater by God’s Grace.

Look at your picture for the past ten years and compare it with the present one, you will see the reasons to Glorify God for the gift of life. The dead ones cannot think of any challenge. Ten years experience is a challenge of grace and thanksgiving. Sooner or later, we shall all get to the top.

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