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Let’s talk about Relationship and its ups and down this beautiful Sunday.

E no easy to date Nigerian girls oooo 😢

Whether its your Ex Girlfriend, Present Girlfriend or Girlfriends (for una wey be olosho guys) or your Wife.

Let’s talk about them today.

Take it or leave it => Women are the hardest creature to Please, Satisfy or handle in this Life

If you try to study them, you can never Graduate lai lai, you go just dey fail, carryover upon carryovers 😂😂😂 Don’t even try to please them, just do your best and leave the rest.

In a Relationship, sometimes when your Girl say some stuff to you ehn, you will just feel like committing suicide or ending the Relationship right on that spot 😂😂😂😂😂

MINE; The day I went through hell to foot a bill for her and all she could thank me with when i called the day after was excuse me i am busy and never call my line again.

I was disappointed as i was never that cheap.

Today, we will like to know 👇

What’s The Most Painful Thing Your Girlfriend Has Even Say/Told You?
Let’s hear from you all.