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Hello Guys!

You may think you’re King of the getting ladies to scream during sex, but the reality is that most women have faked an orgasm at some point in their lives, and most men have fallen for them.

I know after reading this, a lot of men will be angry after we make revelations to prove that most ladies they’ve had sex with have been faking their orgasms for them.

Some of the reasons why most ladies have to fake that they feel the love you’re making to them might be because they might feel too tired to have sex,

Here are few ways to know that a lady is faking her screams, orgasms, cums or enjoyment of the sex for you.

👉 She Will Hardly Be Wet:

The last thing you should be telling a woman during sex is for her to cum.

Not only is it distracting but you’re putting unnecessary pressure on her.

To please you, she will fake an orgasm.

If you must really say something, ask her if you’re doing right then let her body do its thing.

👉 She Will Not Want To Look You In The Eye:

The eyes are the windows to the soul during something like this.

If you did it right she will gaze into your eyes and blush because you gave her the most electric feeling.

If she is avoiding eye contact then it means she is feeling hurt, used or unsatisfied and doesn’t want you to see it.

👉 She Tends To Fake Her Moan:

When having an orgasmic experience women tend to make the same kind of moans and screams or they usually repeat the same words.

This is an unconscious state and they usually do not have control over their bodies for those few seconds.

So if her sounds are different my brother, the lord is your strength.

👉 They might currently not have the urge for sex:

A lot of us are guilty of this thing. We always think every girl will be sex ready every-time we are but it’s not so.

Some of them might have something else in their mind.

👉 Her Screaming, Will Be Different From Her Body Movement:

This is rather obvious but most men never catch it.

If she’s already moaning seconds after you just began without even much stimulation, she is already faking it and chances are she will also fake an orgasm.

👉 She Will Be Asking For Something To Get Her In The Mood:

Unless you’re dating a junkie, no woman would want to be knocked out during sex. She will want to take something to make her not really feel or want to make her feel the thing when you’re doing it.

It is 2 different things. If she is used to drinking, or smoking, she might want to take it to turn her on but if not then at the right time she will fake an orgasm.

👉 She Will Be Silent All Through:

If she isn’t glowing, breathing heavily, trying to catch her breath or giving some natural sounds then it’s because nothing happened.

Naturally her body will react with excitement.

If she is silent, there is really nothing much to say and she doesn’t feel like lying to you.

👉 She Won’t Ever Stand Up Immediately After You Cum:

If after sex, your partner has the strength to stand up immediately after you cum, then that’s not a real sex.

She still has to be down on the bed for about 2 minutes trying to get her real self back.

You have already used the former person so she needs time to wear another body to stand up.

So Guys, the question we have for you is 👇👇👇

How Do You Know A Lady Is Faking Her Orgasms?
Have You Ever Noticed Any Of The Above In A Girl You’ve Had Sex With?
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