Wasiu Ayinde with Emmy Dee

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Fast rising Nigerian up and coming hip hop artist known by his stage name as Emmy Dee Light has written a touching and wake up letter to Famous Nigerian fuji musician, king Wasiu Ayinde marshal (K1 D ultimate).

Read below:

I really want to commend you for that great live record you released freely for marketers some years back sir.

The message passed across was a powerful one and there was no biasness, no ethnicity sentiment, You said it as it was, I keep listening to the song often time without numbers and number one on my playlist till now because the record carries great messages.

what baffles me about the song is that, all what you preached to Baba Obasanjo to do in 18years ago are still what we are facing now during Buhari regime, which you were also among the people that brought him to power.

The Insecurity, Power, Education, Job, Poverty, Creation of States, Roads, Health care, and all.

How I wish the truth we can tell someone we are benefiting from, can also be tell to someone who is not feeding us.

It’s a pity sir that you endorsed President Muhammad Buhari in 2015 which your endorsement brought so many damages to our dear country.

You endorsed him, same Baba Obasanjo that you lambasted during his tenure also endorsed Buhari.

Yes sir! I’m so confused and Nigerians are confused too ‘For anyone who has the courage to tackle his Father from the same state but cannot confront him from other State, should we call that cowardliness or what?

Buhari administration is 100% worst than Baba Obasanjo administration but you kept quiet.

I will also call your attention to your imperfections as you called Baba Obasanjo to his own too years back.

The worst corruption is when someone who is fighting for the right and the freedom of his people suddenly turns scavenger.

Had it been Baba Obasanjo was not been sentimental, you should have also been sent away to Ghana like he did to living legend Idris Abdulkareem too.

Was Nigeria not JAGAJAGA Country and Still not JAGAJAGA now?

Yes sir! I’m not trying to be disrespectful with this letter am writing to you because you are my father as Baba Obasanjo is also a father to you.

You are my greatest mentor and am your number one fan and it will never keep me silent for not speaking the truth because am also following your steps and legacies sir.

Yes sir! don’t keep silent now, I think it is now we even need you most, Fulani herdsmen bandits over on our land, poverty has been promoted and seems transferring to our next generation.

We need a new record to help us to address these issues through your music sir and I won’t mind sir If there would be a privilege for me to be a partaker in this record.

I’m up and coming artist and so painful that I have no voice yet.

If People hates the TRUTH and I can also prove it that people hate LIES too.

Both Truth and Lies have their fans.

Am not a fan of Lies and neither am not saying am a saint.

I Pray May Almighty Allah Keep Blessing You Sir and Live Long and Bless Me Too So I Can Also Be Successful In My Music Career.

God Bless Nigeria🇳🇬
Emmy Dee Light