Former Vice-President, Atiku Abubakar has been told to retire from politics.

Elder statesman, Prof. Itse Sagay (SAN), Chairman of the Presidential Advisory Committee Against Corruption (PACAC) made the observation in an interview with Daily Independent.

Sagay’s statement comes after Atiku had faulted calls on his party, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to zone its presidential ticket to the South, saying the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria does not recognize it.

Sagay said Atiku’s statement is borne out of a selfish motive driven by his ambition to rule Nigeria at all cost.

“My take is that Atiku is speaking for himself. What he is saying is for his own benefit.

Anything he prescribes, he puts himself first. Otherwise, if a person wants to be fair and wants the unity of this country and wants to recognise that each part of the country should exercise power and be a full member of the federation, he won’t say zoning should be disregarded”.