Cancer is an abnormal growth or tumour in any part of the human body which can only be removed when detected at an early stage and if not removed it could lead to death. Cancer occurs in different part of the body and can also occur anywhere in the body.

It occurs in different parts of the body such as:
Leukemia – blood
Stomach –
Lung and Nose
There have been so many cases and news about abnormal growth in the body and some diseases which might lead to cancer if not well taken care of or detected on time as earlier said. Cyril Scott confirmed in his book – Cancer preventions; fallacies and some reassuring facts that there are lots of facts and fallacies about these disease. Yes there has been so many beliefs about this disease which is either removed surgically or via an x-ray at an early stage otherwise it continues to grow which could definitely lead to death. [Fallacies][Fact].
The cause of cancer is not yet known but could occur in both adult and children [Fact].

Cyril scott also expressed in his book that experiences had confirmed that the cure of cancer or its prevention is no longer based on surgery or X-ray (Chemotherapy) but can be cured and prevented via homeopathy achievements (method of treating a disease with small amount of remedies).

According to Cyril Scott this method has helped over 175 of his patient who had cases of cancer in various stages.
Another cure for cancer/malignant or prevention is the abstention  from salt NaCl .

Yes NaCl  salt is one of the 12 lead salt contained in the human body and its regulates the fluids within and around the body cells (endosmosis).

But the habit of inappropriate consumption upsets the chemical balance of the bodto have radioactive alkali and oxygen attracting Y system which according to Dr. Smalpage Abott is the main irritant cause of cancer in bodies that are feeble and weak i.e a body already containing NaCl  and other types of salt now adding more Nacl to it makes the cells in the body weak therby releasing it for malignancy.

Another is the consumption of fruits, vegetables, cereals and nuts.

Also is the use of Bicarbonate or citrate of Potassium. Bicarbonate of potassium is said to have radioactive alkali and oxygen attracting elements in the body which eventually makes the ret rotation and disappearance of cancer.

Grape cure is also an active cure, Scott also testified that a patient who had a malignant growth in the stomach and the doctor had resulted that a surgery would be conducted on her but after weeks she was totally cured due to the consumption of grapes (self-administered).

The grape cure depends on the severity of the case for it to be cured. Grapes are rich in potassium, iron and other important salt which strengthens the body organism thereby purifying the blood.

Foods/ fruits and veggies rich in potassium and iron are said to be possible cures for malignant and growth in the body e.g. tomatoes, lettuce, celery, turnips, cabbages, peach, lemons, grapes, cherries, etc. potassium is the builder and healer of the body.

In conclusion, cancer cannot only be removed through surgery but can actually be cured by eating good and healthy food and also maintain good diet.