A fast rising Ibadan hip hop artist shared his encounter with police when he was paraded along with other of his two friends.

According to #IAM_CHRISMARKK who shared the experience on Facebook said they were three on the bike when the policemen stopped them and tagged them internet fraudsters (Yahoo Yahoo)

“Imagine, from Omi_adio I was heading to Apata on Wednesday morning, twas three of us on a bike including the bike man.

And all of a sudden policemen surrounded us.

I thought twas a joke.

They dragged us into a commercial bus, took us to the station collected our statement and detained us claiming we’re on of this Geeguys who escaped them last night. lol

They seized our stuffs including my phone, I was unable to make calls so nobody knew I was in politics (police) custody..

To shorten the whole drama, I spent the night, I demanded 4ma phn the next morni, they gave me and make calls.

They said my bailout fees is 50k, I begged to 20k that was how I escaped NIGERIA POLICE HARASSMENT.

See the below screenshot:

He also shared another terrible  experience when police came to burst some guys who they believed were Geeguys.

They ran to the guys apartment but they absconded.

The policemen entered these guys rooms, packed their laptops and even ate the guys food 😆 😆 😆

So so funny mehn