A lady has narrated how she gave her ex boyfriend N300k which was given to her to deposit for drinks for her upcoming wedding.

According to her story which was shared by Facebook user, Diamond Ivory, she received a call from her ex boyfriend demanding for money, saying he will pay her back soon, so she sent him her wedding money.

However, after she sent it, he refused to pay back and asked her to sleep with him for the last time if she really wants the money.

“My husband sent me money to deposit for drinks prior to our upcoming wedding next Saturday.

My ex called me to lend him money that he will pay back the next day.

So I lent him the N300k.

He didn’t send it and started threatening me that I must sleep with him for the last time before he gives me the money.

I already told my husband that I paid for the deposit.

Should I give in to the demands or involve the police”.


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