Fans reportedly die during Argentina’s world cup victory celebrations

One of the dead persons, a 24-year-old fan, fell through a roof during the chaotic World Cup celebrations in Buenos Aires. Captain Lionel Messi and his teammate were on streets on Tuesday to celebrate Argentina’s third World Cup trophy in history but were evacuated in helicopters after fans tried to jump on the parade bus from bridges above. A five-year-old boy is also in a coma with a serious head injury after a piece of marble fell from a monument in Plaza San Martin. Riot police had to be called in to disperse the four million people that came out to witness the trophy celebrations. A 22-year-old man had choked to death after the final whistle of the World Cup game on Sunday when a flag tied around his neck got caught up in his motorbike in Bahia Blanca, 400 miles south of Buenos Aires. Yesterday’s wild scenes were marred by the death of the young fan who ‘was jumping on the roof’ when it collapsed and he fell, La Nacíon reports.


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