A young lady, identified as Unyie Afor has gone missing since on the 16th December, 2021.

The lady who hails from Wula in Boki Local Government of Cross River, sources gathered, had traveled from Lagos on the 16th to her village to attend her nephew’s wedding and possibly celebrate Christmas and new year.

Speaking with sources, a friend of the lady, Ogbuefi David said:-

“She was taken to her Aunty where she spend almost half of her life selling KPOMO (Cow skin) for her Aunt.

“She left her village (Wula) for Lagos continue to work as house/shop help.

“She is a kind and nice girl. From our deduction, she boarded a vehicle at a park probably one of those vehicles that go to Ogoja to carry goods for a lesser fare.

“She was contacted and disclosed that they slept at Onitsha because the vehicle was bad.

The next day, she was contacted again and she said she was like an hour to Ogoja, this was the last time anyone spoke with her before her phone went off.”

“After about 5 days or thereabouts, a call was place to her line and it rang and went off.

Till date her phone can’t be reached and she is not in the village.”

Meanwhile, friends and family members of the young lady has called on Nigerians to join the search for her.