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Hi Girls!

It is your turn this night on the Naijahitz Talk Zone where we discuss trending matters.

Over to you ladies, do you wanna know why your boyfriends misbehave?  I am sure you would not be contented having your boyfriends cheating on you.


Most women want a loyal husband with a loving and caring heart.

Do you know men also have some qualities they look out to in women?.

Now, lets get on the track.

If you wanna keep that man of yours, then you should try to keep these factors healthy in you.

These are the factors below :

1. Submission : men cherish and value women that would always be submissive to them as we always have this moral in us as the head of the house.

So, if you wanna keep him away from other women, try not to violate or dare any of his principles.

2. Prayer: Every successful and responsible man there is always a woman helping behind with prayers.

Be ready to support your man with prayers as you guys share the answers to the prayers.

3. Sex: This is very important in every matrimonial home.

Never starve your husband of sex.

Allow him to have it anytime he wants then you are keeping him to have a taste of you alone and not any other side women.

4. Food: This every man must like i am sure.

Food is very important to the body.

Every man will wants to have a delicious meal in his home.

Try to prepare him his favorite only.

If you can apply these 4 keys, i am sure your husband would be in your custody forever.

Keys to hold a man