Have you ever asked yourself, why does it seem like Today, you feel you are doing perfectly well in your relationship , tomorrow, everything seems to be falling apart?

The truth is, the day you say ‘yes’ to anyone , that very day you give your consent to be in a relationship, your work to keep it going begins.

Relationships don’t work out itself, two persons with a mutual feeling makes a relationship work.


In as much as we all wish for a happy relationship , there are still little things that can destroy a loving relationship even without our knowledge . Today, I want share these things with you.

They say “pride comes before a downfall.” Now quote me, “nobody is too big, too successful, too beautiful, too handsome to be in a relationship.

“ Don’t ever think you are doing anyone a favour by being associated with him/her. You got to be humble while in a relationship or failed relationships will humble you.