Good day everyone. I came across this young lady (pictured below) on my way to the office this morning (10/2/2021; 7:20 am).

She greeted me and I offered her #50 as I thought she wanted to ask for money, but she declined the money.

Instead, she requested that I help as she did not know where she was.

She sounded more to me like a kidnap victim who was later released but had lost her memory.

She only gave her name as Doyin and mentioned places around Redemption Camp, Lagos-Ibadan Express Way, Berger, Ogba and Mowe as the only places she could remember as she could not remember much.

Furthermore, she also remembered that she is a member of RCCG and that was all.

I contacted the nearest Police Station but I was told that they do not handle cases like that.

Please contact me on 08172053543 if you know her or have any info about her or her family.

Thank you.