Man and his brothers allegedly br*talize his wife for confronting his mistress in Ogun.

A school proprietor, Olusola Adepitan, has been accused of conniving with his brothers to b*at up his wife, Rasheedat Adepitan, for confronting his alleged mistress in Ibafo area of Ogun State.

The couple has been married for 25 years and has four children.

According to one of their children, “My parents own a school in Aseese mowe/Ibafo area in Ogun State.

This woman was introduced to my mom by a student’s parent, that she can help out with cooking and washing clothes.

To help her, my mom gave her a space on one of our properties directly opposite the school, so she can sell food and make a living for herself.

Last year during the COVID lockdown, my mom called me that my dad no longer eat in the house and that this woman makes food for him morning, afternoon and night, and that she even cooks for his brothers too (they all live in that same area).

It continued into this year, and even neighbors started calling my mom’s attention to it.

So my mom asked her to vacate the space, but she refused saying she now answers to my dad and not my mom.

My dad claimed he had collected rent from her and that she cannot leave.

This woman’s son attends my parents’ school, and out of her anger, my mom told her to take her son away from the school.

However, my dad said since she sent the boy away from school, he is going to deduct the amount of that boy’s school fees from her salary.

That was when she lost it and went to confront the woman yesterday, October 6.

It got he*ted and the woman’s goods were spilled in the process.

She called police to arrest my mom but my mom called her association of school owners (NAPS) and the issue was resolved in no time.

At the police station, my dad confronted my aunty that she is the one encouraging my mom and he started b*ating her up inside the station.

On getting home, my uncles, Debo and Femi, att*cked my mom and aunty.

They b*at my mom with sticks, claiming she wants to sit on their brother’s property.

My dad just stood there with this mistress and watched, saying she got what she deserved.”