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Lets quickly take ourselves back to culture.

The beauty, glamour of Remo culture

First, lets define Sagamu or Ishagamu which is a town located in Ogun State, near the Ibu River in south-western Nigeria .

The Sagamu region is underlain by major deposits of limestone, which is used in the city’s major industry, the production of cement.

The Agricultural products of the region include cocoa and kola nuts.

According to sunnewsonline.com  “A procession of beautiful women conveying potted leaves and assorted sculpted images lined up Makun Road, Sagamu in Sagamu Local Government Area of Ogun State.”

Therefore, this beautiful women provide an enchanting spectacle reminiscent only of the romantic era of the 15th Century cultural heritage of the Chinese origin being elaborately showcased via many contemporary chinese films.

The beautiful women sing cultural songs in praise of Orisagamu Ewa, the diety who founded the town.

It was the 32th edition of Shagamu Day/Epiripo Fiesta 2016, therefore, 35th this year 2019 and the town is aglow.

It was Believed to have given Sagamu people a mysterious pot, from which flows some healing water, Orisagamu Ewa, according to the custodians of Sagamu culture, was that deity who led some Yoruba people of Remo descent from Ile-Ife, Osun State, to settle at a place where a pot that produced water, was found in the heart of the forest.

According to Aremo Oba Aradanuwa, Chief Olaolu Abiju, “Once our forefathers discovered the pot from which the water flowed, they settled down here, convinced that it was the place where Ifa (Yoruba god of divination) had told them they would settle.

A place where Orisa (diety) had kept a pot that gave healing water eternally.

They explained that “When our forbears left Ile-Ife, they first settled in some places such as Omoowa, Ile Ofin in Sagamu here, Ikorodu and some other places before we finally settled at Irapabamowo where we are now.

Our forbears settled here because they chose to work together in unity.”

Sagamu today is the centre of a notable and progressive Yoruba ethnic group, which is the Remo kingdom in Ogun State.

It comprises 13 dialectical divisions of Remo ethnical identity and as such regarded as a robust city capable of becoming a state capital with regards to its admirable industrial, human and infrastructural development.

The women in the procession, old and young, would be clothed in white wrappers, and adore their bodies with several colourful coral beads.

On this day, They would marcth joyfully from the palace of the Paramount Ruler of Remoland, the Akarigbo, accompanied by the traditional chiefs, priests and prietesses, kingmakers, excited townspeople as well as many other custodians of the people’s culture and particularly, the sponsor of the event, executives of the Sagamu Development Association (SDA), into the grove of Orisagamu Ewa located in Eri, an outskirts of the town.

History made us understand that About 21 deities are always being celebrated yearly in the town of which they would be represented by the images the women carry, many of them would be strapping babies to their backs while some would carry resemblance of a certain monarch or traditional chief or forbears of the people.

Those who carry potted leaves, otherwise called “Otun,” are to be about 14 while they believe the ritual of conveying the images and Otun to the grove, cleanses the society of ills, ailments and brings peace, unity and progress to all.

Before then, the SDA would have organized a joint Muslim/Christian prayer session at the Akarigbo Palace in which clerics of both faiths would be asked to pray for the town’s spiritual healing, deliverance from backwardness, peace, unity, love for one another and progress.

Also, men of God to grace the occasion are Muslim and Christian leaders such as the Chairmen of the Christian Association of Nigeria, (CAN), of both Sagamu and Remo region, the leader, Cathedral of St Paul, ShagamuRemo Chief Imam, and the royal presence of some monarchs of the Remo

More pictures below? Orisagamu 2019

Orisagamu 2019