More details emerge as Hisbah gives verdict on woman who married daughter’s boyfriend


The Kano State Hisbah Board has cleared Malama Khadija Rano, who allegedly dissolved her marriage to marry her daughter’s suitor.

Public Relations Officer, Lawan Ibrahim announced the board’s decision in a statement on Tuesday. Deputy Commander in charge of operations, Hussain Ahmed, chaired the investigation committee. The body found out that the marriage was and had fulfilled all the necessary criteria, Ibrahim noted. Ahmed said Khadija was divorced by her husband and observed the three months waiting period (iddah) prescribed by Islam. It was after then she married a man whom her biological daughter earlier rejected. Hisbah dismissed allegations that she was seeing her present husband while married and instigated her former spouse to end their union. “The marriage is legal according to Islam, that was the reason Hisbah Commander in Rano Local Government Area supported and took part in the wedding rites,” he said. Hisbah General, Dr. Harun Ibn-Sina, said the committee members were selected due to their knowledge of Islamic teachings and societal orientation. Ibn-Sina advised the general public to stop spreading fake news and avoid misconceptions about Islamic matters. Daily Post


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