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Ghanaian Reggae and Dancehall artiste Charles Nii Armah Mensah, better known as Shatta Wale, has disclosed that he has multiple sex partners and he sometimes sleeps with them on the same day.

The Ghanaian musician recently separated from his long-term fiancée Shatta Mitchy, then went online to say that every man is a womanizer and any woman who sticks with her man even when he cheats is a “smart” woman.

The singer, while speaking on Good Evening Ghana, said he is currently not in the frame of mind to have a serious, committed relationship which is why he has resorted to having sex partners instead.

He said he has three sex partners and they are aware of the situation and are okay with the arrangement.

He said:-

“I don’t really sleep with a whole lot of girls but I’ve got like three that I sleep with and I like them.

They understand the atmosphere and sometimes I sleep with them the same day.

“I am the type that I don’t lie to girls that is why girls like me because when I like you I want you to be around me.

I will tell you and make you understand that I don’t want us to be in a relationship.

We can be friends once in a while if sex happens it is ok.

It is good to be real like that to women.”

Shatta Wale said it is better to be sincere with women than pretend to be in love with them and end up disappointing them.

He also spoke about the kind of women he is interested in.

He said he is attracted to classy ladies and not slay queens.

He said:-

“I like corporate and intellectual girls. I even have one nice nurse girl that I am currently sleeping with.”