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According to Yorùbá statement; “ile ni ati n’ko eso ro de, ko Omo ré ko le ba fun é ni isinmi”.

Meaning! ” Charity begins from home, therefore, train your child for peace of minds.

In an exclusive interview with the man behind the SAY NO TO DRUGS AND CHILD ABUSE Emmy Dee Light

Emmy dee Stated that “the roots of all these problems of drugs abusing which the young and young adults face now, often come from the parents.

He added that the nonchalant attitudes of parents for their kids while growing up are very bad.

The afro pop singer observed the current situations of the country which might perhaps be the sole reason some parents give their Children a care free attitude and not minding and helping them in discovering their so gifted talent.

“I had seen more than a hundred of kids hawking in the streets which I believe there are still more whom probably i would come across in every part of the country”. Emmy dee said.

He explained further that the problems commence when parents start Exposing their kids to what they are not yet to be experiencing.

according to the award winning afro pop singer, If care should not be taken, “These kids are capable of being victims of kidnappers, which I pray our children would not be kidnapped. Amen.

“Also, they would want to explore life because they have much freedom and as  there is no proper care for them”.

“There are chances for them to mix up with anybody and keep bad companies.

“There are some  certain ages which parents would have the power to control and prevent their children from bad habits and when they failed to do that it would be so hard to control.

“Every human-being has his/her wills, even a child of 2 years old will tell you he/she wants something maybe “biscuits” that’s the child ‘will’ at that moment and it takes a humble parent to now decide to give it to the child.

“Though! not all children’s requests parents should agree to and fulfil because they, the Children are yet to have knowledge on the bad and good sides of life.

“Raising children well goes beyond hitting them or bulling.

“It takes wisdom!

“When I was a teen, I preferred my parents to beat me up rather than bullying and yelling at me.

Reason is that the beating has become norm to me, same thing they beat me over would still repeat itself and I realized If they hit me with words I do composed myself.

“Teach your children how to trust, how to relate, how to talk, how to compose themselves in public, and make sure you teach them body-languages, give them moral lessons and don’t be so dumb to lecture them about sex too.

Emmy dee expressed that The School education is important while The home education is more important.

“The Governments also have a jumbo role to play in this, when there are good educations, they would reduce the stress of the parents and paying the parents salaries regularly could also be an addendum grace.

“Tell me, how do you want a teacher that is yet to receive salaries performs diligently?

” Tell me, how do you want parents that have not remunerated for almost 6months have time for their children when they themselves are not in good moods?.

“Did you know that most people involving in s*x scandals mostly are Drug addicts.

“Drugs control people’s life, therefore,  anyone taking drugs would not be in control of his or her life any longer.

“I meant he/she has actually surrendered his/her lives to be controlled by DRUGS.

“Nonchalant attitudes of the parents will lead a child to want to explore life by meeting the bad gangs, bad gangs would influence him or her in taking hard drugs.


He added that , A lots is presently contributing to drugs and child abuse in our society – the solution now is in the hands of ‘YOU’ and ‘I’, Let’s come together with one louder voice to SAY NO TO DRUGS AND CHILD ABUSE.

Do not forget that the SAY NO TO DRUGS AND CHILD ABUSE  is an ongoing campaign tailored by the afro pop singer himself Emmy Dee Light.

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