The Inspector-General of Police, Usman Baba has appealed to police officers not to commit suicide while on the job.

In his speech during a visit to the Lagos Police Command on Wednesday, June 9, the police chief promised that the welfare of police officers across the country is being taken care of.

Usman said:-

“Your welfare is being taken care of like never before, do not commit suicide by being unprofessional.”

Making reference to the destruction of properties and police facilities during and after the #EndSARS protest, the IGP called on police commanders to lecture their men on the protection of public and police facilities, and the use of arms.

Usman added:-

“Never again should your police stations be sacked by hoodlums wielding guns, sticks, and machetes.

“We must also be civil in discharging our responsibilities.

Never should we allow our stations to be overrun to the extent that we will not be able to handle situations because of cowardice or lack of professionalism.

“We have not got all we need to discharge our duties in terms of welfare, logistics, and equipment.

But with the available limited resources, we will do our jobs with more dedication and professionalism.

“I want to congratulate us that the government and the people are taking cognisance of our duty.”