Recall that Pastor Chris stretched out the conspiracy theory of how 5G network caused Coronavirus and how 5G technology is anti-christ?

Well, it’s not even up to 6months, China already sent 6G satellite into orbit for testing and this made the Elite-Looking pastor look like a dummie.

Watch The Moment China Sent 6G Satellite Into Orbit:-

If 5G caused coronavirus, somebody should help us ask Pastor Chris what 6G will cause 😂

Does it mean we should be expecting another pandemic soon? 😂

When I say, religion is part of the problem we have in this Africa, you people will say I am talking too much.

Sincerely, a whole Pastor Chris preaching against a 5G technology, saying the powerful nations deliberately released COVID-19 so that 5G technology will aid the vaccine and the 5G aided vaccine will be used to control the world.

Now that the world is moving on from COVID-19 and 6G technology is now in the orbit, only God knows what Pastor Chris will say about this in Church today.

See What Nigerians Are Saying On Twitter:-