Nigerians react to a viral video of a man that beat a lady over indecent dressing in public [WATCH VIDEO]

A viral video where a young lady, who was walking got confronted aggressively by a man on a motorcycle. The man dressed in jalabia tackled the pretty lady for indecent dressing and ordered her to go back home for a change of cloth. However, the lady refused and it led to the man flogging her with a cane hidden on the motorcycle. The video of the man beating the young lady got many talking online as they thronged to comment section.

Some reactions are shown below:

daisycitycake_snacks said,
“Nothing is funny here , he was abusing the lady and harassing her”.
sylvanuschidiebere5 said,
“I know some blind fools and useless generations will support this kind of indecent dressing. This girl is totally naked without pant, talkless of bra and this guy called her ashawo then she had the guts to slap him, is she maaadddd?!!. Wait oo…. she can’t answer ashawo but she dresses like ashawo…. what is she teaching the younger one’s that must surely see her walking like this on the road. Any person that supports this lady… may your whole generation dress worse than this lady!!!!!”
jibolas said,
“This is harassment and he needs to be arrested”.
jibolas said
“This is harassment and he needs to be arrested”.
authenticmaan said,
“This is what we should be doing to all these cheap gals 😂😂😂”.

Video below:


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