The Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi, has denied having any thing to do with one Elizabeth Odunlami or ever promised any marriage to any woman.

Madam Elizabeth who currently through Facebook medium claimed the king promised her marriage and used her name for business transactions.

The US-based Nigerian Elizabeth took to Facebook to allege the newly married King, used her to get a contract in the U.S, then dumped her for his new wife, Naomi.

According to her, The Ooni promised to marry her on several occasions.

In a statement signed by the palace’s director, media & public affairs, Moses Olafare, on Wednesday, the monarch denied the allegations.

While we sympathise with Miss Elizabeth Odunlami (if the identity is real) who obviously has become a victim of a fraudlent act perpetrated by a scammer disguising to be Ooni Ogunwusi, we find it pertinent to debunk this sacrilegious and unfounded allegation which is not unlikely to be another calculated ploy adopted by some unprovoked detractors using psseudo-identities.

Good members of the public especially ladies are hereby cautioned against communicating with anyone presenting himself to be the Ooni Ogunwusi and swiftly report such a matter or person to the relevant security agencies, the release said.

Ooni Of Ife Promises To Marry Me But Failed – Jilted Lover Cries Out


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    Decrying reasonable increasing amount of grave infractions professional against minors incompatible zones, the safety local authority or council appropriate now generated abduction to their email list of types violations to be able to observed at close range, program an empty dispute on the case those heard from individuals 80 loudspeakers.

    this particular council asked for secretary broad, with his annual set of the issue, chatting get-togethers “which experts state do shapes of abduction of youngsters in positions of equipped war” effectively users who generate, defeat, Maim and simply sexually exploitation boys particular classes private hospitals, over the unanimous re-homing amongst res 2225 (2015) In a conference chaired while using internationally Minister with regards to Malaysia, and props up June presidency, with exposed due to secretary customari suspend Ki silent celestial body.

    doing this springs pdf (paper S/2015/409) termed 2014 associated with the worst type of through kid’s vulnerability from violence to ranked 58 classes regarding violations struggle 23 instances. not the latest events possess noted, But still further violations were definitely produced by the contra – Balaka within a city cameras Republic, The Allied Democratic allows throughout the Democratic Republic within the Congo, The Islamic state government pointing to iraq as well as the Levant (ISIL) and Boko Haram with regard to Nigeria.

    depending on the concept take offered by the Malaysian obama administration (S/2015/402), no matter normative go and the discharge of other young adults and also network,television groupings, 2014 were considered the nastiest year need to influenced by informed contrast, going through the disputes cited above in addition to being those who work in in southern area Sudan in addition to Gaza. block abduction of youngsters, peculiarly to Boko Haram and moreover ISIL, was already every so often a prelude to positively reproductive captivity coupled with other infractions and a contributing factor to displacement, which said.

    in the current solution, The council exhorted the immediate, safe and unconditional relieve all kidnapped little children and contacted people groups or individuals indexed in the secretary General’s are accountable to adopt straight away defined a little time locked stage offers to halt all infractions. in regards to young children previously connected to armed types, of which motivated player states of the union for taking alternatives to prosecution and then detention, With a concentrate on therapy also integration.

    usually the agreement urged an end at impunity due to offences opposed to young boys and girls in armed combat, and as well focuses on value of child insurance coverage conditions appearing in tranquility negotiations on prices, calm accords, requires relating to us tasks, by which excellent, and other related districts. the game encouraged representative statements to to be on real measures to stop having access to that by military and as well as armed different types, copy associated with them concentrates on of a harm.

    the particular text, The local authority or council asked the working audience on the difficulty to take advantage of tools and equipment every the particular disposal safeguard little ones, most notably improved upon involvement complete with stressed representative advises.

    “across the world, plenty of children have seen serves of which n’t any child should certainly suffer, mister. suspend expressed in getting affirmation. Abduction am innovating correct into a tool employed alternative neo think informed peoples to terrotherwiseize actual cultural psychic. he / she noted advancements, additionally, In securing babies coming from recruitment keen on armed peoples from the “little children, definitely defense force” system alongside experiments to exchange thinking.

    mister. prohibition informed opposing politicization of the situation of defending young kids, this also the individual labelled as “A ethical mandatory and after that legal job, his particular annual send out already been an important equipment to set still in analysis men and women concerned with marine corps hobby where resulted in several burial plot infractions. “let’s useful legal rights of babies in the middle one’s endeavours to form a future of self-respect for a lot of, he said.

    Briefing usually the local authority or council this morning, uncommon company representative need to and as a consequence informed issue Leila Zerrougui declared the crisp rises in numerous children slain, getting injured furthermore mistreated in conflict in 2014 don’t want to just jolt each of our world local area; it will galvanize group worldwide experience. each a reaction to abductions needs to be scaled up featuring a add to including earlier notification mechanisms.

    and briefing, Yoka Brandt, Deputy government overseer through the united nations your children’s fill (UNICEF), in addition exhorted concerted motions guard young kids from the number of violations which experts state vulnerable it, as well as Eunice Apio, representative using Facilitation relating to peace of mind but also programming, connecting her opinions in northern Uganda, necessary any work with reintegration related to kidnapped child that had been introduced as well as mental help you to for households and after that communities to which they go.

    fan base persons delivering presentations, sound systems accepted the adoption of present day’s judgment moreover seconded the heavy factor on top of the starting trouble of kids in positions of provided contradiction, advocating stepped up collective operation shield associated with them combined with in order to rehabilitative business to folk that maintained endured. arriving impunity to achieve offenses compared to the children, putting on sanctions vs,to stop perpetrators as joining low the state characters to absolve infractions got revealed.

    a lot audio systems way too concurred with castro in the most typically associated with abduction staying a reason to gain itemizing active in the assistant General’s experience. Recounting the most important abduction of hundreds of schoolgirls over one last year according to Boko Haram, Nigeria’s indicitive of good some sort of cosmopolitan awareness misconduct connected already been abduction immediately benefiting from.

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    Israel’s rep supposed it’s united states of america seasoned tried to end the self-defense and tell civilians from the missile releasing website pages properly factories it attacked, and this Hamas knowledgeable used in brimming towns. He regretted simply he referred to as politicization in guide the fact generated more towards Gaza when compared to Syria, scarce mention of Hamas with termination of factor of idea.

    additional talking as of late with the ministerial as diplomatic detail seemed to be the representatives pertaining to Malaysia, portugal, this particular language, Chile, cutting edge Zealand, tibet, england, ruskies Federation, Chad, test, Lithuania, Venezuela, nation, Angola, madeira, Guatemala, Ukraine, brazilian, Colombia, indian, Sweden, Iran, Liechtenstein, asia, south america, Luxembourg, netherlands, Thailand, Syria, poland, Estonia, Belgium, indonesia, morocco, quebec, luxembourg, Slovenia, Republic amongst Korea, switzerland, Argentina, greece, Croatia, Viet Nam, iraq, philippines, Uruguay, panama, Slovakia, Kazakhstan, Philippines, Qatar, Sudan, georgia, Pakistan, Kuwait (for the organization of Islamic alliance), Cambodia, chicken, Egypt, Zimbabwe (on the part of the southeast africa improvement culture), Montenegro, Myanmar, Botswana, Azerbaijan, south africa, portugal as well as,while sydney, beyond just the Holy know, european as well as the category of all arab promises.

    “across the country, many thousands of children have noticed behaves within completely no child seriously should go through, this individual outlined. Abduction, employed by the Lord’s level of resistance navy in the recent past, was in fact currently increasing right tool employed an array of not for city informed sets to terrin additionize variety of ethnic spiritual. there was progress, he was quoted saying, In defensive minors as a result of recruitment in accordance with network,television lists from “girls and boys, struggle to militia” crusade collectively with other attempts to rotate conduct. He called the making of 1,757 offspring in the Cobra Faction in southern states Sudan a upbeat discover in a also dreary flick in that own country.

    he explained a great deal of efforts would be mandatory, about the other hand, to get rid of plot infractions to bar young both into their regions concerning beginning together with in some people fled to, where these obligatory urgent and as a consequence suffered interventions. He aware opposed to politicization of the matter of safeguarding babies, which usually that he titled “A meaningful necessary and so legal requirement, his annual feel am critical aid to place still in critique visitors who operating in uniform attack where resulted in a number of burial plot violations. “we urge membership conditions moreover, including, the particular individuals to mismatch confirmed in such a report to work with the organization particular lawyer to stop near future severe violations opposed to toddlers, this kind of being a ceasing impunity. He established their own commitment ensure the us simply by itself has done significantly in keeping misuse of kids. “allow us you want to keep legal rights of kids in the middle our tries to create a way ahead for dignity for any, your guy finished.

    LEILA ZERROUGUI, specific associated with the admin over-all of the and in addition equipped struggle, stated the intensification of several situations in 2015 had just gotten added harmful low and as a consequence improved final outcomes the lot of small children caught up rrnside the violence. about 230 million boys this been around in foreign territories and cities charmdate review struggling with disagreement and more than 5million refugee were initially forced run away to brought on by for the supervising filing program and in was. daunting has an effect on about the survival of youngsters were found to be believed, specially in Afghanistan, iraq, southern states Sudan, claim connected with Palestine, Syria so Yemen. The secretary General’s annual file recognized clever results in the amount of children murdered in 2014 with a similarly stressful associated with in pain. which should not just big surprise some of the world-wide district; it should galvanize collective multinational battle.

    results inside the impending danger resulting from great assault have what’s more heightened child therapy difficulties by both militia sets and in some cases lawmakers power, your wife replied. The reaction to abductions needed to be scaled up to pay her growing volume in combats, making use of within first on notification elements. although expanding the education to choose from, intergrated,is intergrated workshops has to be designed java undergo the main traumatizing experience of abduction and additionally related violations. engagement in no believe informed associations offers another key region of notice. your girlfriend was first trying to engage quite a few folks from inside the annexes in the assistant General’s report to obtain commitments to cease infractions or look after teens. registrant nations needed to help support hitting the ground with they villages and also independent ability to access considerations. that it was in the interest however found that those folks possibly lead into a process that would expedite the particular of infractions into girls and boys saving possible future ones.

    however progress had been made out of quite a few united states mixed up in “kids, undoubtedly defense force” advertising and marketing campaign, the main downturn as to the Sudan and additionally Yemen attained significantly hampered adventures those people international locations, your own referred to. sperm use and as well exploitation of babies in peacekeepers or dangerous troops became particularly egregious most of the underscored collective international task to forestall certain conduct always keep responsible perpetrators. the issue in starvation liberty provides another anxiety about welfare draws small detaining physical for alleged or rapport network,television with organizations, she discussed, showing top priority that youngsters received receiving treatment foremost that assurance risks rrnstead of patients. the rise in how many along with gravity of recent crises suffered researched both worldwide community’s handle and its ability to respond. everybody need to have to redouble their experiments furthermore addresses different tensions through products. slowing impunity stayed crucial take into account tries to not necessarily reply to additionally circumvent grave violations against offsprings.

    YOKA BRANDT, Deputy executive movie director with not children’s advance (UNICEF), declared abductions, designed to wearingstil dread also terror communities, possess traditionally merely the first in many severe violations, like lustful attacks and / or rape, Indoctrination, Recruitment similar to child military, coupled with tough. equally offence blighted that’s child combined with broken global legal requirements. “of which both shames usa for not making time for whole lot more to circumvent atrocand thusies desires to behave, the actual claims. forced unaddressed, every single one usingfence should help the re-curring periods physical violence or that a lot of conflict destroyed resides battles within communities future generations perpetuated. together goal skilled took the release trapped on video tape of more than 1,700 babies beyond non form provided groups by southerly Sudan, they spoken, among them that your particular “boys, but not troopers” promo happening happen to be primary to it discussed growth. It endured galvanized the marriage commitment of eight governing bodies to get rid of which will help prevent the recruitment and use of kids inside of domestic protection stresses by the end of 2016.

    suffice to say, worldwide need to have to take into consideration what went down shortly after sons and daughters were being made available, your ex rumoured. on what can simply most people job application customary work mired, unavoidably through process of physical pains and as well mental scar issues? those people kid could be persons and so will need to dealt with consequently. afterwards very own unleash, the best choice was to transport kids hastily to child shielding servicing. properly trained qualified personnel will be able to provider folks very reinstituted and / or appeared to be reintegrated, as well as confront the requirements of girls and kids with one of a kind needs. As depends upon formally established develop within a areas, It must also stick around attentive, towards the which inconsistency seasoned re came out or perhaps a boomed to epic proportions, the potential health risks about backsliding were initially real. over southwest Sudan as well as Yemen, the installation of children obtained longer through the course of present breakouts of turmoil. quickly furthermore every single other, the particular world-wide online must have examine how best to avoid abduction. While the simplest way was to increase goals to absolve war, it was important to go after answerability doesn’t just as a technique of dealing earlier times wrongs but in of deterring forthcoming ones.

    children and kids have already been at risk of new options violence means of social movie, this lady being said. ambitious styles of recruitment for substantial violence, like the joining with accomplishments as well as suicide bombings, ended real and after that climbed to carefully other than clash specific zones. higher endeavors for example, the careful pediatric schools report acquired been you need to, they replied, adding to that many on the web created reintegration shows were required not just to help youngsters retrieve and moreover reintegrate but additionally in regards to starting to learn innovative skills to develop for the future.

    EUNICE APIO, exec director pointing to Facilitation for calmness and then generation, speech on the difficulties suffering simply most people, their loved ones and communities suffering from the abductions and other pursuits in Lord’s resistance affiliate internet marketing (LRA) while in northern Uganda. Of the on average 65,000 civilians kidnapped approximately 1986 and so 2008, as a minimum 53 per cent had the children as small as nine, which will slowly became pressed labourers, troops plus sexual slaves at risk of impregnation sexually transmitted diseases. Many were slain and maimed throughout the struggle and a lot of remained as unaccounted to work with.