According to Emmy dee light “Africans rejecting Covid-19 Vaccine, that’s Ignorance thinking the white people want to kill them with the vaccine.

It will take nothing less than a month if the white want to kill the entire black-race.

The fast rising Nigerian hip hop star noted that Bill Gate and others brought polio vaccine to africa and rescued millions of African children from the deadly disease.

He stated that Bill Gate and others also spent billions of dollars to bring Africans out of poverty and starvation and A lot of African children would have died of malnutrition if Not Bill Gate and Others.

We need to stop having inferiority complex if we really want to meet up with these beautiful people.

Same white people will give your leaders loans for development of your countries but 80% of the fund is going into your leader’s personal purse

Please Who is killing themselves “White or Black” ?

Africans are not fighting the right battle, their leaders are killing them but they are folding arms and expecting cheap freedom.

African leaders are enslaving their people and we are painting the white people bad thinking the Covid-19 vaccine is a plan to kill us.

Nigeria already acquired 20 millions Covid-19 vaccine worth of ₦400bn and same white people allotted Nigeria Government the loan

We are killing ourselves NOT the white, Emmy dee concluded.

We just need to grow and stop putting our blames on other race.

White are not planning to kill any black, Inferiority Complex Is The Problem HERE and We should change our mindset and grow.

White will allow you to come into their Countries and give you Opportunities but we never see their good sides which proves us nothing but ingrates.

Hopefully Nigerians Will Wise Up! And Fight The Right Battle, says Emmy Dee Light.

So, guys

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