Lai Mohammed, Yes sir! please can you stop bringing your blame on Nollywood, The youths who involved in money rituals, kidnapping and other atrocities today, emulate most of these from you polithiefcians because the system is corrupt.

Stealing of public fund to oppress the masses expose the young ones and as a matter of fact you people “polithiefcians” caused 92% of problems we are facing today in Nigeria.

When you are happy promoting poverty, be ready for it consequences and A leader who cannot take his responsibility should stop finding excuses to his failure, better off you resign sir.

Nollywood movies portrays what is happening in the society for people to learn NOT to teach evils.

Our movie productions might not be quality enough but saying Nollywood are the cause of rampant money rituals and kidnapping in the country today is a real fallacy, Or are Nollywood movies also teaches how to rig or manipulate election? Nollywood also teach how to steal public fund?

Bad Leadership is the cause of our problems, take it or leave it.

Lai mohammed should face front and stop putting their blames on others.

You are a failure sir, I mean FAILURE, 💯 FAILED.

When the system is already corrupt NOTHING can ever work.

What I expected from FG is how to promote our Entertainment industry, How to support the stake holders with funds for them to improve on their productions but unfortunately it was something else, something we should blame them for, now putting the blame on Nollywood.

Bad Leadership, The Genesis Of All Our Problems. 👌

Emmy Dee Light ~ OOM


Is Emmy Dee right with this his opinion?

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