We have only been married for three (3) months.

February 12 was my husband’s birthday, but being that it fell on a Wednesday, we decided to mark it on Sunday, February 16.

We hosted friends to a-get-together in our home. I did a lot to make the day memorable.

The last group of friends left around 9:30pm and by the time we were done cleaning up, it was about 11pm.

We had our bath and all I could think of was sleep, but my husband was thinking differently.

He wanted sex, but I was just too tired for anything so I said NO and asked him to wait until morning.

My husband angrily left the bedroom and I drifted off to sleep because I was too tired, but I was woken up with a slap in my face.

I thought I was dreaming, but I wasn’t. I was startled when I saw that it was my husband who actually dealt me a slap!

As I wanted to ask him what the issue was, he gave me another slap and said I had no right to deny him sex.

I was forced to slap him back, but that made him angrier, he hit me back and pinned me down- I struggled with him, but he overpowered me.

He tore my nightwear and RAPED me to his satisfaction.

I still do not believe this happened.

I was too tired- was I wrong to ask him to wait until the next day?

Was he right to have slapped me?

SEX! Should it have been because of sex? We still had sex a night before- in fact early that morning- three (3) hot rounds.

It’s been three days after the incident, he’s still feeling fly like he was right.

Somebody Please Advise Me On What To Do?

I Will Be In The Comment Section.

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