Reactions as pregnant woman hits the gym, shows off workout routing [VIDEO]

A heavily pregnant woman has sparked a buzz online as she performs different ingense workout routine despite carrying twins.

The energetic expectant mother could be seen in the viral video weightlifting in one segment and doing other complex intense workout routines in succeeding parts of the video.

Mixed reactions as pregnant woman hits the gym, shows off workout routine (Video)

She revealed via the caption that she was nine months pregnant at the time of engaging in the intense exercise movements.

Netizens have reacted …

harriet.ok said: “That’s why some of una pikin head no dey correct why are you stressing them nau”

juposh_nature_secret wrote: “This is so uncomforrtable to watch… this type of intense exercise Is not medically advised for pregnant woman.”

_lily_among_thorns_ shared: “I no fit force am, if e don pass my power I roll up my Shawarma.”

zubbyprisca042 said: “Let the child breeeeefff, don’t suffocate baby”

chef_amaa stated: “Me watching while eating 4 wraps of fufu and egusi soup”

okrikaplug opined: “Immediately this Children pull out,dem fit even start to Dey carry 20liters of water with no stress.”

Watch video below …


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