A man on Facebook named Abdul Yekeen Kazeem has narrated how he used his office and wealth to assist one Mr. Joshua Etim a student of the federal poly technic Offa who was diagnosed and died of chronic diabetes.

Joshua had a serious health problem which was later diagnosed to be a chronic diabetes.

According to him “Just last year a student of federal polytechnic offa was hospitalized and according to Medical reports he was diagnosed of Chronic Diabetes.

l wasn’t too comfortable with the way he was been attended to at the previous hospital so l had to use my office as the managed care executive of Venus medicure and l referred him to Abike Memorial Clinic here in Offa.

They also did their Best But no changes in the state of his health,the institution Doctors weren’t also comfortable with the latter and requested if he could be transferred back to the General Hospital which I never obliged.

Adequate treatment was given and immediately he responded and started breathing well.

The then SUG welfare director,hostel portress and his friends stood by him,so l asked where’s his parents,then l noticed a very old woman crying by his side,”she said Joshua is an orphan,I’ve been taking care of him since his birth”..

This moment I felt much more sober,then l know why my heart keep going to his place even when l have done my part as an HMO representatives my heart keeps going back to him.

l check on him often and anytime l visit,l also encourage him with my words,l do tell him “Joshua don’t live yourself,be very strong,l know you will make it,Just keep the hope Alive my brother.

I will as well make the Old woman Smile amidst all odds,and sometimes give her some funds for her upkeep which is even not part of my company account.

l do this just because l feel a Service to humanity is the best work of life,and that nobody has to suffer for anything whatsoever.

After a while he was discharged and he wrote his exam peacefully, and according to Pastor of CAC and other fellowship members,”Joshua is a very good and humble guy”that alone made me to like him so much.

Just as l noticed school had resumed l called Joshua just to know if he’s back to Campus and he told me he’s still at home and when l ask him why,he said he can’t afford his school fees,I feel bad hearing this again and I told him he shouldn’t worry that l will personally Sort out his school fees.

I just paid his school fees last week and today the school potress called me,she was appreciating me and l was about to ask if he is back to school?

Only for her to tell me Joshua is dead, he gave up the ghost yesterday, right now l feel like the world is an empty one.

Look at the less privileged around you,and offer the little assistance you can render now,because you might not know how far it can go in helping others to survive, Nobody will live forever.

Let’s all Sow a good seed today.
Rest in Joshua till we meet again my brother. Joshua Etim”. He advised and concluded

” Man proposes but God disposes”

May his soul rests in peace!