If you are the type with a talent, then Freelance writing would be a very lucrative opportunity for you.

There are so many people out there who can write very well but have never made a dime from their gifts.

I started unprofessional writing in my primary 4, but made my first ₦1,000 as a writer in my 100L in the university.

Calculate that, it’s up to 8 years right…Lol! It was too long, but I too I’m imagining if it could have been shorter.

I decided to publish an article that will help us all break the protocols involved in making money as a writer and start turning in massive profit immediately.

Before we start that, there are so many advantages of being a writer.

We will see some of them:
– Independence: As a writer, you are a boss of your own.

You can write anywhere, anytime, any day you feel like and no one will question you.

I sleep during the day and work at night, but that’s not anybody’s business.

I can decide not to write anything for a whole week, it also concerns no one, thanks to the independence I get from my writing career!

– Personal development: The more you write, the more you explore boundaries.

Some of my foreign clients give me topics I have never heard of in my life to write about and I will have no other option than to make my researches and boom…

their work is ready!

After such sessions, I’d be pretty sure I’ve become a bit wiser!

– No capital: You do not need to invest a dime to become a successful writer.

There are a lot of websites that will pay you above ₦30,000+ to write for them and I’m not kidding.

All you need is to do a quick Google search and write something original, they pay you after accepting the work!

– Source of income: This is why we all are reading this now…Lol! I need money, you too need it.

If you are yet to make your first dime as a writer, I advise you get a free copy of my eBook, ‘ 100+ Websites That Pay $100+ Per Article’.

It is free for now and I suggest youclaim your own copy while the offer is still on.

Writing can earn you ₦200,000 a month, and that is far above the minimum wage for Nigerians.

All you need is a laptop, internet, the interest with the time!

We already have a lot of articles on freelancing and writing in our blog so we will not talk much about that.

Today we will be seeing a few things that will bring you out as a successful freelance writer in Nigeria, Africa and even all other parts of the world.

As a freelance writer, you work remotely and your major clients will be foreigners.

I have barely written for Nigerians, especially because they pay very little.

My best clients have been Americans and Indians because they are readily available.

Sometimes I even get tired of working…Lol.

I already explained how you can be landing yourself tons of clients daily on this page, especially from Facebook.

Now let us see how to become a successful freelancer in Nigeria.

– You MUST be smart in English Language

I’m not the best English speaker around, but I’m pretty sure if English were to save my life, I’d be on Earth forever…Lol!

If you must be a freelance writer, you must learn how to write English very well, especially the US and UK English because they are in high demand.

There are a lot of tools out there, even the free ones that will spot your errors so they do not have to sweat to find that out!

– You MUST be smart

You’re smart I guess, but you have to double it.

I kept on losing clients because I was a Nigerian, then I had to change my Facebook profile location to Canada.

Immediately I did that, my clients doubled. They all paid via PayPal and I knew how to create one as a Nigerian.

You know we Nigerians can’t use PayPal to transact, if you must be a successful freelancer, you must need one.

You can contact me to set it up for you.
Now, I write very well, so why should I lose a job because I’m not from a Native English country? It was practically unfair and I had to turn wiser.

There are also other tweaks that will help you triple the speed at which you deliver your works.

I can’t write them all here, but if we get closer, I can tell you.

– You MUST be fast in delivery

  1. An average client would request for their work in 24 hours, some shorter, some longer.
  2. However you should always be the one to say, ‘Hey ***, I’m done.
  3. Please review and tell me if there are any corrections and I’d be sure to put them in place!’
    It works like magic and you’d see those clients coming back to you.
  4. On the other hand, if you deliver late, they’d never come back and at times, you will lose the present money.
  5. I once delivered late and by then, my client’s client had cancelled his order.
  6. I lost the $5 even though I had written the work.