The usual drama took another dimension when former presidential candidate, revolution now convener, Omoyele Sowore stormed the Abuja Magistrate Court in the company of herbalist on Tuesday, March 2, 2021.

Initially, I don’t really see a big deal in what I described as a dramatic display of Mr. Sowore to drag Nigerians to the court of public opinion. On the other hand, I was wondering why such bizarre adventure could be staged by the so called activist who wants a sane system of government.

Of course, Sowore’s attitude has pointed to the fact that his caliber will only stir controversy if given an opportunity to occupy any elective position.

Being a traditionalist is not the premise of argument here but employing a traditionalist as an escort to the court does not define a real revolutionist but an actor.

The former presidential candidate in the 2019 general elections was arrested by the police for leading a protest against bad governance on New Year’s even in Abuja.

Sowore’s arrest because of protest is not only an injustice but impunity.

Nigerians en mass utterly displayed disapproval to the highest level of autocratic leadership style of President’s Buhari.

Arresting peaceful protesters and negotiating with armed bandits is a big shame.

It shows the horrible state of democratic dispensation under the leadership of Sai BaBa.

Describing Nigeria as an abattoir is becoming an understatement as bloody headlines scream aloud on the pages of newspapers, online media and radio/tv channels.

Kidnapping has become a lucrative business that sells faster than oil.

From the left, right and center, nowhere seems to be secured.

Everywhere is a danger zone, Nigerians live in fear.

Omoyele Sowore has been arrested many times, prosecuted and maltreated for rising against the outrageous, rapacious revelation of many woe betiding the country.

In as much as I will like to empathize him for the tortures and brutality so far, his voice against the poor governance in Nigeria is derailing from activism.

I will rather see him as one who prefers to catch cruise to make screaming headlines.

As a matter of fact, you can not combine politics and activism together in Nigeria.

A combination of the two will end up in dramatic display.

If not for drama sake, what is the point of taking herbalist to the court, to skip judgment or to gain soft landing?

Whatever reason that might have triggered such action, Sowore has presented himself as a performing actor rather than an activist.

Sowore needs to understand that demanding for good governance as the basis of revolution now crusade is not all about these action movies.

If he enjoys being the subject of public opinion as a result of his actions, his stand as an activist will be replaced as mere attention seeker.

If the herbalist or native doctor had been used for security purpose, I will accept it as a symbol of a failed nation.

The wobbled security status of the country requires herbalist’s attention.

Busy Brain is an opinion writer, poet, journalist and Public Relations Practitioner