Have you ever just met a couple on a bus that you seemed to click with? Perhaps, it was in line at the movie cinema.

Maybe they were really vibing with your girlfriend or maybe they hit it off with you. Whatever the situation is or was, these chance encounters don’t happen every day. And, when to do happen, people just let them pass them by.

This is why you have to make the most of the ones that you are lucky enough to experience in life. Below, you are going to learn how you can turn chance encounters like this with complete strangers into lifelong friends.


This one is going to sound simple and obvious. That’s because it is the starting step. Don’t the starting steps always seem this way?

Nonetheless, you have to be willing to put yourself out there. Open up a conversation, say hi, or just make a simple nice gesture.

You’ll notice that people are more welcoming after you break the ice. It’s really something that everyone wants to do deep down but takes immense courage and gratitude.

This is why lot of individuals or couples miss out. They are afraid to make that first big step.


Don’t Worry About The Outcome

When you aren’t truly worried about whether or not what will happen it won’t matter. For instance, if you are taking a test and you don’t care whether or not you fail, you won’t be as disappointed as when you do fail.

The real struggle here though is teaching or training yourself not to care. This is much harder than it sounds. Just try to not expect anything.


Tolerate Rejection

Just like you have to be willing to accept the fact that you might not get the results you want, you have to be willing to accept complete failure.

Some couples or individuals might shut down your friend attempts before you even get started. And, that’s okay because you should think of it as saving you time.

You don’t want to befriend anyone that doesn’t want to be your friend. Although learning to deal with rejection is never easy, you can get a lot of practice at sites like situs judi online.

These sites offer challenging, yet exciting games that you can play for real-life cash, but you likely won’t win. Such games will prepare you for the rejection that might be ahead.


Don’t Mind The Way Strangers Think

Sometimes people are just different than you. This is just the way life is. Each individual is made unique and they have the god-given right to think, act, and treat others the way they want.

A lot of times it might not be nice, but you have to accept the fact that some people are just set in their ways. Just let them be the way they are and try to think about how they think. This might help you better understand them and their actions.


Embrace The Fear

This one kind of goes along with tolerating the rejection and not worrying about the eventual outcome. That being said, one of the best ways to get over fear is by familiarizing yourself with it.

Make it something that becomes second nature. How do you think people get over their fears of heights or snakes? They put themselves in situations where they’ll be exposed to these fears.

And, you need to do the same with strangers. Approach random strangers whenever you get the chance and try to make friends.