”Before now I use to believe BEDC is just a company filled with incompetent staffs; but recently I have come to understand that is not the problem.

BEDC is a company set to exploit the poor masses in Nigeria and a power distribution company in disguise.

Guess what, you can’t do anything with them.

Nobody to report them to; they are the boss of the city even the government pay bills and still don’t have light.

If you don’t have light nobody cares, they will still bring the bills.

The only relationship between BEDC and their customers is the monthly bills.

If only the Electricity they said they are distributing can be as consistent as their consistent monthly bills, there won’t be need for this write up.

I have never seen a company of people so useless and futureless.

We are all suffering in my neighborhood.

Ondo city in Ondo state is the worst hit.

How can you charge people of a service you did not render?

You give people low current and inconsistent in the supply of what you claim to be supplying.

NEPA, PHCN, and then BEDC has failed Nigerians.


People WITH NO PREPAID and people with the old meters you never attempted to read are your steady income.

You merry with Nigerians money and expect to live long as a company?

or as a people? What more can I say BEDC?

Stop extorting Nigerians! Distribute electricity!

You are not Bill distribution company “BBDC”.

Receive or borrow sense My dear!