Le’ts first comprehend that I am neither #apolitical nor a political sagasical.

Seems President Buhari Was Right when he tagged Nigerian Youths “Lazy”!!.

Lazy Youths Indeed…

Let’s take a look at it from this yardstick, In 5 hours, Nigerians raised close to $15,000 for #BBNaija’s Erica.


However, In 5 days, the same Nigerians have not been able to raise any resistance to General Buhari’s increase of fuel and electricity costs.

If you talk, some Nigerians will say come and lead the protest.

Who led them to raise a record breaking $15,000 in 9 hours?

We can act spontaneously for irrelevancies, but we are looking for others to act for us on relevant things!

Nigeria deserves General Buhari! ©️Reno

Imagine Erica’s disqualification got 992k tweets.

Fuel Hike 12k tweets.

And you believe this country will get better? NEVER!

Passion and interest make the difference.

Nigerian Youths are not ready for anything. Supposed Leaders Of Tomorrow mf!🙄

Most of the Donors, dia mama dey village dey manage.

Why wud you do “oju aiye”?

Their siblings haven’t paid School fees and rent.

Even Bobrisky that couldn’t relocate his father from a dirty slump, also promise to gift Erica a million naira.

Stupidity and hypocrisy.


We Deserve Buhari For another 600 Years or more!

Should I Increase The Volume?

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