Check out 4 countries in the world where the sun never sets and there is no night


There are several places in the world where the sun never sets during certain times of the year due to their extreme northern or southern latitude.

These regions experience a phenomenon known as the “Midnight Sun.” Here are four countries where you can witness this natural wonder:

1. Norway.

Northern Norway, including locations like Tromsø, experiences the Midnight Sun during the summer months.

From late May to mid-July, the sun remains visible 24 hours a day, creating a surreal and beautiful landscape.

2. Sweden.

Northern Sweden, particularly areas like Kiruna and Abisko, also enjoys the Midnight Sun during the summer.

Visitors can engage in outdoor activities like hiking, golfing, and even midnight sun concerts.

3. Finland.

In Finnish Lapland, cities such as Rovaniemi provide opportunities to witness the Midnight Sun.

The phenomenon occurs from June to early July, and it’s a magical time for travelers to explore the region’s pristine wilderness.

4. Iceland.

While not a country in itself, Iceland’s northernmost regions, such as Akureyri, experience the Midnight Sun from June to late July.

This offers a unique chance to explore Iceland’s dramatic landscapes and geothermal wonders under continuous daylight….