[MUST READ] Tips on how to be productive in 2024


As the year swiftly comes to an end, many people look forward to the New Year as a means to ‘START THEIR LIFE AGAIN’. 

Well to me, starting the year isn’t the big deal, it’s realization of past years error that’s what makes a New Year resolution very much effective.

Without further Ado, I’ll be sharing with you 3 key tips on how to make 2024 much more satisfying than 2023.

  1. Stay away from your friends: As funny as it seems you notice that your circle isn’t bringing to your progress, BRO, leave the group.
  2. It’s better to stand out rich than to be in the gathering of losers.
  3. It’s not going to be easy but trust me it will be worth it.
  4. Quit addiction and betting: Statistically proven, less that 3% of gamblers make it out of gambling.
  5. With this I hope I’m able to convince you that betting will only wreck you financially.
  6. Also, addictions (such as smoking, alcohol consumption and womanizing) lead to the fall of a man.
  7. PUT GOD FIRST; Be you a Christian, Muslim or Traditionalist, putting your creator first is something that I’ll greatly advice to anyone and everyone.
  8. If a man forgets his root and source, he’s ready for damnation.

Well, Naijahitzites, I hope you are able to adhere to these tips.

Hopefully this coming year will be the most fruitful year for us.


Credit: Naijaloaded