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Price of bag of rice, beans, other food commodities this week


Recent weeks have seen a welcome decrease in the prices of various foodstuffs across Nigeria, a trend analysts attribute to the strengthening of the Nigerian naira in the foreign exchange market.

According to a report by Financial Derivatives Company Limited, the sustained appreciation of the naira has led to a downward adjustment in the prices of essential food items.

The report, released to investors over the weekend by Managing Director, Bismarck Rewane, noted significant rebounds in the value of the naira, which stood at ₦1,260/$ in the official market and ₦1,125/$ in the parallel market.

This improvement in the currency’s value has favorably impacted the costs of rice, sugar, flour, and noodles, among other staples.

This price reduction comes as a relief to many Nigerians who have been grappling with high food costs.

The decrease is especially significant as the Federal Government has not yet implemented a new minimum wage, and many households are under financial strain.

Factors Affecting Food Prices in Nigeria:

1. Currency Valuation: The value of the Nigerian naira against the dollar directly impacts the cost of imported goods, including food items.

A stronger naira means lower prices for goods that are imported or depend on imported inputs.

2. Supply Chain Disruptions: Global events such as the COVID-19 pandemic have highlighted vulnerabilities in the global supply chain. Disruptions often lead to increased prices due to shortages.

3. Transportation Costs: The cost of transporting goods within Nigeria significantly affects food prices.

Factors such as fuel prices and the state of transportation infrastructure play crucial roles.

4. Agricultural Productivity: Variability in crop yields due to weather conditions, pest infestations, and other agricultural challenges can cause fluctuations in food prices.

5. Market Speculation and Hoarding: Speculative activities by middlemen can lead to artificial scarcity and higher food prices.

Similarly, hoarding by wholesalers in anticipation of higher prices can reduce market supply and increase prices.

6. Government Policies: Tariffs, subsidies, and import bans can all affect food prices.

For instance, import restrictions on certain food items may lead to increased demand for locally produced alternatives, pushing up prices.

Naijahitz, in this article, has deemed it fit to write about the price of bags of some food commodities this week.

Price Of Bag of Rice

Foreign rice – ₦85,000

Gerawa Premium Parboiled Rice – ₦69,000

Long Grain Tomato Rice – ₦70,000

Parboiled rice- ₦70,500.

Stoned-free Nigerian rice – ₦65,000.

Price Of Bag of Beans

Peeled Beans for Moi Moi – 50kg (₦70,000)

Sweet Butter Beans – 50kg (₦70,000)

Soyabeans – 100kg (₦85,000)

Price Of Bag of Garri

Ijebu Garri – 50kg (₦45,000)

Normal white garri – 50kg (₦43,000)

Yello Garri – 50kg (₦45,000)

Price of Noodles

Indomie Belle Full Pack 280g X 16 – ₦12,500

CHIKKI Indomie Instant Noodles – ₦8,000

Nnamdi Kanu: Methodist Archbishop unveils alleged FG tactics with IPOB leader


The Methodist Archbishop of Okigwe Archdiocese, Most Rev. Biereonwu Livinus Onuagha, has alleged that the Federal Government is manipulating the prolonged detention of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, as a tool against the Igbo community.

He stated that the Nigerian government intends to exploit Mazi Kanu’s ongoing detention to provoke a strong reaction from the Igbo community.

Onuagha voiced these sentiments as part of the archbishop’s message during the 43rd Annual Diocesan Synod of the Methodist Church of Okigwe in 2024, conducted at the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity in Okigwe, Imo State.

Onuagha lamented the purported collaboration between the Executive and Judiciary branches of government to extend the detention of Mazi Kanu, with the aim of provoking Ndigbo to retaliate.

However, he advocated for a peaceful resolution, urging Kanu to navigate his ordeal with wisdom for the collective benefit of Igbo aspirations.

Onuagha said, “I have returned to discuss the ongoing incarceration of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, which is yet another example of the executive arm of government interference with the Judiciary in Nigeria.

“Despite being absolved by the Judiciary of his charges, Nnamdi Kanu remains imprisoned due to the flagrant disobedience of the executive.

The Judiciary has been effectively silenced on this matter as subsequent attempts to adjudicate over what has already been decided are met with resistance from those in power.

“My interpretation of the continued detention of Mazi Kanu by the Nigerian government is that the situation reflects an Igbo proverb “Eji Nwa Okuko arata Nne ya” which means, that when you hold a chick in your hand, you attract the undivided attention of its mother hen either for good or ill intention – whether to protect or to harm the mother.

“The Nigerian government is using Nnamdi Kanu as a pawn against Igbo people, hoping they will react aggressively like a mother hen protecting her chicks.

However, I believe that Igbo people have learned their lessons and instead pray for wisdom for their ‘chick’ (Nnamdi Kanu), to handle the situation peacefully and emerge unscathed from incarceration so that all aims and aspirations may be achieved. “

Onuagha has attributed the current state of insecurity in Nigeria to former President Muhammadu Buhari’s failure to effectively secure the country’s borders. 

This, according to him, has led to the infiltration of hostile individuals who pose as herdsmen and has subsequently resulted in the ongoing violence and abductions in the Southeast and Benue State.

Nigeria will become major global economic force under Tinubu – Shettima


Vice President Kashim Shettima has stated that Nigeria will become a major economic force in the world under President Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

Shettima said this on Wednesday while hosting a delegation from the Commonwealth Enterprise Investment Council (CWEIC), led by its CEO, Rosie Glazerbrook, in his office at the Presidential Villa.

He asserted that the Tinubu administration is committed to creating an unprecedented enabling environment for both local and foreign investors to thrive by harnessing the country’s youth population’s resources in digital technology, and improving the electricity supply, among other government initiatives.

Addressing the CWEIC delegation, Shettima said the Tinubu government is determined to transform the country’s demographic bulge into demographic dividends, assuring that the “administration will harness the resources of its young population to build a more prosperous and progressive country.”

He noted that Nigeria is ready for business, and President Tinubu, a pro-business leader who rose from the business ecosystem, is committed to supporting the growth of businesses in Nigeria and ready to create the enabling environment for local and foreign businesses in Nigeria to prosper.

Speaking on the country’s position in the global growth projections, Shettima said, “Nigeria is where the attraction should be for investors all over the world as Nigeria will become a major global economic force under President Tinubu.

He said: “By 2050, Nigeria will be the third most populous country in the world, and only recently, an investment bank projected that by 2075, Nigeria’s economy will be the third largest in the world.

It shows that the trajectory of global growth is facing Africa, and Nigeria will make or mar that transition.

So, the future belongs to Africa.

If Nigeria works, Africa works.

You have come to Nigeria at the right time – a time when a pro-business government is at the helm of affairs in the country, and we are ready for business.”

On her part, the CEO of the Commonwealth Enterprise Investment Council (CWEIC), Glazerbrook pledged the group’s support to the Nigerian government and the country’s economy.

She said, “We want to help boost trade and investment into Nigeria and equally support Nigerian businesses looking out to develop plans for more interactions with foreign partners.

“We would really like to explore ways to encourage the Nigerian government and the business community to take advantage of the commonwealth market across the 56 countries and other partners in the Middle East and North Africa.”

The Vice President was joined at the meeting by the Founder of Zenith Bank, Chief Jim Ovia; the chair of the CWEIC in Nigeria, Mr Olasupo Shasore; the CWEIC Country Director for Nigeria, Mr Obinna Anyanwu; and representatives of partners and members of the Council from the public and private sectors.

EFCC Vs Yahyah Bello: A Well-Deserved Embarrassment – BY BUSY BRAIN 🧠


For the past two weeks, the action of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has been making news and forming opinions in the media.

From the Bobrisky money laundering saga to the Cubana Chief Priest case, and now, the EFCC has migrated the media attention from the creative industry to the political arena with Yahyah Bello’s arrest warrant and wanted notice.

The EFCC declared ex-Governor Yahaya Bello wanted for an offense relating to money laundering. The notice of the EFCC indicated that Yahyah Bello’s last known address is 9, Benghazi Street, Wuse Zone 4, Abuja, and the agency asked anybody with useful information about the former governor’s whereabouts to contact any of the commission’s offices across the country.

Wherever Yahyah Bello is right now, he must be laughing at the EFCC as an agency performing Nollywood movies.

Yahyah Bello has seen himself as the sacred lamb in the political corridor who cannot be used for a sacrifice, and this serves as the reason he rushed to the Presidency to evade arrest.

Ironically, disappointing advice issued by the Presidency asking Yahyah Bello to submit himself to the agency stirred his sudden disappearance.

To Yahyah Bello, the EFCC’s wanted notice will be like a Nollywood series, but it is an embarrassment to an ex-governor.

Unarguably, Yahyah Bello is a typical example of the reason youths cannot be trusted with power in Nigeria.

Or how would one describe the action of an opportunist who served two terms governorship tenure and crippled the State to a state of ruthlessness?

In all ramifications, Kogi State should be one of the most developed states in Nigeria with laudable infrastructures.

But the visible infrastructure is the debris of the cement factory smiling at travelers on the way to Abuja.

As a matter of fact, Yahyah Bello’s offense is no longer a convolution.

It is the usual practice of the power mongers with a self-aggrandizement agenda. It is only confusing why he is trying to evade arrest at all costs.

The ruffian show of shame of the incumbent Governor of Kogi to shield his wanted boss from arrest is another embarrassing scene of the 21st century. Worse of its kind.

Funnily enough, at Yahyah Bello’s Abuja residence on Wednesday, a group of armed men, identified as Special Forces, along with officers from the Nigeria Police Force prevented the EFCC operatives from apprehending him with the assistance of the current governor who escorted him out of the location in the governor’s vehicle.

It is pitiable and disheartening that the gesture of Governor Ododo was described as loyalty.

In an actual sense, who should earn Ododo’s loyalty between the ex-governor who allegedly laundered 80 billion Naira and the entire Kogi people?

I think it is a ripe time for ‘Kogi citizens to awake from their slumber.

With the recent moves by the EFCC, it seems the agency is fully ready to walk along the renewed hope agenda of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

The agency should take its aggressive war against corruption to the likes of Yahyah Bello in other States.

The wanted notice served on Yahyah Bello is a well-deserved embarrassment.

There is hope for a better Nigeria.

FCCPC conducts food, goods price enforcement in Abuja


Harry Kane wishes for UCL title after Bayern Munich stopped Arsenal


Bayern Munich striker, Harry Kane, believes the victory over Arsenal should motivate the German side to aim for the Champions League title.

Harry Kane, who left Tottenham Hotspur for Bayern Munich to win a major title, has lost all the domestic titles in Germany, which means that the UEFA Champions League is his last hope of finishing this season with a title.

After Bayern drew with Arsenal 2-2 at the Emirates Stadium, they wknockedout the Premier League club with a 1-0 win in Germany on Wednesday, April 17 courtesy of Joshua Kimmich’s strike.

They are now three wins away from the Champions League title, and they will aim to knock out Real Madrid in the semi-finals.

After the 3-2 aggregate win over Arsenal, Harry Kane told TNT Sports that it was an “unbelievable win.”

Kane continued: “It’s been a tough season for us. We’ve had to fight and grind it out at times.

“We knew we could make a difference with our fans at home. It was a tough game, a tight game. It was a great goal from Josh [Kimmich].

“To reach the semi-finals is a great achievement for us and we can enjoy it. I think in these types of games the first half is always a bit cagey.”

He added, “The expectation here is to try and win the Champions League. We won the league for 11 years in a row so maybe there was a bit of tempo missing.

“That can’t happen. Now we have to enjoy the Champions League and try to get ready for Saturday.”

I’m The Only ‘GOAT’ In Nigeria – Davido boasts


Grammy-nominated Afrobeat singer, David Adeleke, better known as Davido, has claimed he is the greatest musician of all time in the Nigerian music industry.

Naina News reports that music enthusiasts have always argued about the biggest Nigerian artist, Davido, Wizkid, or Burna Boy.

Despite the argument, the ‘If’ crooner has continued to downplay any comparison between him and his colleagues.

In a video shared on TikTok by British-Nigerian content creator, Shopsydoo, Davido could be heard bragging about being the only “GOAT” in Nigeria.

He said, “There is only one GOAT in my country and it’s me.”

Meanwhile, Davido has debunked reports that he was arrested after his show in Kenya.

In a statement released on his official X account, Davido debunked the rumour, stating that he has never been arrested and described the reports as untrue.

Naija News reports that he disclosed that he completed his show in Uganda and Kenya and had since returned to Nigeria.

The ‘Unavailable’ crooner further disclosed that he will seek legal recourse against the media platform from which the fake news emanated.

The statement by Davido read, “Fam, it has come to my attention that false reports regarding an arrest circulated online on April 1st, which has since led to a barrage of calls.

I want to assure my fans that these re- ports are entirely untrue.

I successfully completed my scheduled shows in Uganda and Kenya and have since re- turned home to Nigeria.”

‘Cristiano Ronaldo becomes €9.8 million richer’


Pending any appeal, Cristiano Ronaldo is now €9.8 million richer as a court of arbitration in Italy has ordered his former club, Juventus to pay him the said amount in owed wages.

You will be arrested, and your child disqualified – JAMB sends warning to parents over conduct during 2024 UTME


The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) has ordered security agencies to arrest any parent found close to any Computer-Based Test (CBT) Centre facilities during the 2024 UTME exercise.

The Board’s spokesman, Fabian Benjamin, gave the directive at the final briefing of CBT Centre owners, on Wednesday.

He explained that the directive has become necessary considering the intrusive disposition of some parents during the Board’s previous exercises.

Benjamin quoted JAMB’s Registrar, Prof. Is-haq Oloyede as saying that any parent who disobeys the order would not only be arrested but his ward would be disqualified from sitting for the examination.

He said, “This measure is necessary as it has been discovered over time that many of these intruding parents are facilitators of examination infractions while others have, by their actions, disrupted the Board’s examinations in the past.

“Some miscreants also disguise themselves as parents to infiltrate the centres to perpetrate all forms of infractions.”

Oloyede disclosed that the Board has directed security operatives to work with the centers to arrest any meddlesome parent, who comes near the centers, noting that going by the extant national policy on education, a candidate for the examination must have attained the age of 17 years.

“It is evident that these parents had not allowed their wards to pass through the classes as defined in the document, hence, the determination to follow their wards to the examination venue with the aim of compromising examination officials.

“At any rate, it is clear to any discerning observer that these parents deserve to be sanctioned as they had obviously ‘smuggled’ underage children into the ranks of those scheduled to sit the examination,” he added.

He, therefore, appealed to Centre owners to consider the assignment as a national engagement and not as a purely profit venture, urging them to expose the bad eggs among them.

Naira appreciates, gains against all foreign currencies in official and black market

Fresh data from FMDQ securities shows that the Nigerian currency recorded a strong performance in the official and unofficial exchange markets against all foreign currencies.

Wednesday’s closing rate represents a 6.6% or N75.40 appreciation compared to the previous day’s N1,148.14/$.

Naira also improved its value against the pound sterling and the euro in the official market.

CBN data shows that the naira ended the day with an appreciation of N298.92 to sell at N1,147.53/£1 compared with Tuesday’s closing value of N1,446.45/£1.

While against the Euro, it gained N14.62 to quote at N1,220.17/€1 versus N1,234.79/€1.

It was the same scenario for the naira in the unofficial market as it continued its strong performance.

Traders who spoke to Legit said the naira appreciated N50 to trade at N1,050/$1 compared with the preceding day’s rate of N1,100/$1.

Meanwhile, The Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Olayemi Cardoso has said that the apex bank is not defending the Naira with the nation’s foreign reserves.

Cardoso stated this against the backdrop of the recent decline in Nigeria’s foreign reserves corresponding with massive appreciation of the Naira in the foreign exchange market (forex).

There have been speculations that the apex bank pumped forex into the market to dwarf demand pressure and shore up the value of the local currency.

However, speaking at the on-going Spring Meetings of the IMF the World Bank, Cardoso said that his team at the apex bank has no intention to defend to the Naira.

He insisted that they are more focused on having a vibrant forex market so the naira can perform independently.

He explained that the decline in foreign reserves was not to defend the Naira but for settling other obligations.

His words, “Defending the Naira, from every indication is an elephant in some rooms. I will make this as clear as possible.

It is not our intention to defend the Naira.

Much as I have read in the recent few days some opinions about what has happened in terms of our reserves being drawn down, the CBN Defending the Naira, if you take your mind to our philosophy and policy, you will see it will be counter intuitive.

We want the Naira to perform independently as long as we have a vibrant forex market.

“Initially we needed to keep the BDCs going.

So, it is important for people to get forex for school fees, travels and the like.

“The shift you see in our reserve is not to defend the Naira but for things like settling obligations that fell due.

Mind you, that is the reason for keeping foreign reserves, in the first place.”

Cardoso also said that his team is cooperating with the fiscal authorities and that, “Ways and Means is no longer an issue.

He said, “Let me be upfront in saying that the monetary policy is only one side.

It is very clear to us that we need to have a very good handshake with the fiscal authorities.

“For instance, food inflation is not within the purview of the CBN. Ways and Means is now less an issue.”

The CBN boss said he decided to go the orthodox central banking route in order to build confidence in the Nigerian currency.


Police launch manhunt for Abiola’s widow over invasion of Oyo govt secretariat by Yoruba nation agitators


The police have reportedly begun a manhunt for Dupe Onitiri-Abiola, the widow of deceased politician, Moshood Abiola.

She is suspected to be the sponsor of the Yoruba Nation agitators who invaded the Oyo State Government Secretariat in Ibadan.

The manhunt began after a video in which she claimed responsibility for the violence on Saturday, April 13 surfaced on social media.

They also attempted to breach the security of the governor’s office, before they were repelled by security operatives.

Those arrested were on Monday, April 15, paraded by the police with the arms, ammunition, camouflage and other items recovered from them.

Oyo State Police Commissioner, Adebola Hamzat, who paraded the 21 suspects, described the invasion as a criminal, unpatriotic and a clear case of treasonable felony and terrorism, which would be meted with adequate sanctions.

Although he did not mention the name of  Onitiri-Abiola, Special Adviser to the Oyo State Governor on Security Matters, Fatai Owoseni, said he was aware that she is leading a group of Yoruba Nation agitators.

Speaking via a televised statement, Owoseni acknowledged Onitiri-Abiola’s longstanding involvement in separatist movements and highlighted the need for security reform and youth engagement to prevent similar incidents in the future.

Prof. Banji Akintoye, who is the leader of another Yoruba group along with Sunday “Igboho” Adeyemo, in a statement on Saturday, dissociated his group from the action.

He alluded to the group as the one led by Onitiri-Abiola

Subsequently, a viral video by Onitiri-Abiola claiming leadership of the group surfaced on social media.

The Oyo State Police Commissioner said the arrested suspects have been listing the names of their sponsors, adding that the police had visited some locations within Oyo State where some incriminating items were recovered.

NECO reschedules common entrance exam into unity colleges


The National Examinations Council (NECO), on Tuesday, announced that it has re-scheduled the 2024 National Common Entrance Examination into Federal Unity Colleges and the Entrance Examination into Federal Government Academy, Suleja, Niger State.

The spokesperson for the Council, Azeez Sani, in the statement, said the common entrance examination earlier scheduled to hold on April 20, 2024, would now be held on June 1 2024

The statement reads, “Also, the Entrance Examination for Gifted and Talented Children into Federal Government Academy, Suleja earlier Scheduled to hold on 4th May 2024 will now hold on 25th May 2024.

“The rescheduling of the two examinations was due to low enrolment of candidates.

“All candidates, parents, guardians, schools and relevant stakeholders are therefore enjoined to take note of the new dates for the examinations.”

The Council also noted that registration of candidates would continue till the new dates for the examinations.

In other news, the police have reportedly begun a manhunt for Dupe Onitiri-Abiola, the widow of deceased politician, Moshood Abiola.

She is suspected to be the sponsor of the Yoruba Nation agitators who invaded the Oyo State Government Secretariat in Ibadan.

The manhunt began after a video in which she claimed responsibility for the violence on Saturday, April 13 surfaced on social media.

Tinubu begins disbursement of N200 billion grants


Bola Tinubu-led Federal Government has begun disbursement of the N200bn Presidential Conditional Grant Scheme to verified applicants.

The Minister of Industry, Trade and Investment, Doris Uzoka-Aniete, made this known in a post via her official X handle on Tuesday.

Recall that the federal government, through the Bank of Industry, had said it would be disbursing three categories of funding totaling N200bn to support manufacturers and businesses across the country.

In a progress report, Aniete stated that an unspecified number of beneficiaries have received their grants after an exhaustive selection process, marking the beginning of the phased disbursement strategy.

The minister added that by Friday, April 19, another significant disbursement will be made to a substantial number of verified applicants.

She wrote, “We are pleased to inform you that the disbursement process for the Presidential Conditional Grant Program has officially commenced. Some beneficiaries have already received their grants, marking the beginning of our phased disbursement strategy.

“By Friday, 19th April 2024, a significant disbursement will be made to a substantial number of verified applicants. It is essential to understand that disbursements are ongoing, and not all applicants will receive their grants on this initial date. However, rest assured that all verified applicants will eventually receive their grants in subsequent phases.

Recall that in 2023, President Tinubu announced the grant for manufacturers and small business owners, saying that he was determined to strengthen the manufacturing sector, increase its capacity to expand, and create good-paying jobs.

Two weeks after the announcement, applicants were directed to submit their National Identification Numbers (NIN) as part of the requirements to obtain the grant earmarked to cushion the effect that recent economic reforms have had on businesses in the country.

BREAKING! FG declares April 7 national police day


Vice President Shettima made this announcement during the inaugural awards and commendations event organized by the police force in Abuja.

Vice President Shettima, delivering a speech on behalf of President Tinubu titled “Courage Under Fire: A Bouquet for Our Police Force,” lauded the Nigerian police for their dedication amidst the country’s profound security challenges.

He attributed the resilience of the Nigerian people largely to the steadfast efforts of the police force.

During his speech, VP Shettima detailed the administration’s strong commitment to modernizing and professionalizing the Nigeria Police Force to align with national values and aspirations.

This commitment is showcased through substantial reforms, including training and capacity-building investments.

These initiatives are designed to equip officers with the skills and expertise needed to address modern policing challenges effectively.

Furthermore, the Vice President pledged continuous government support for enhancing police operations. This includes significant upgrades in equipment and technology to improve the force’s operational efficiency and effectiveness.

The establishment of National Police Day aims to recognize and celebrate the critical role and sacrifices of the police in maintaining security and enforcing the law throughout the nation.

Jubilations as two sisters welcome babies on same day


Congratulatory bell rings twice in a family as two sisters safely give birth to their babies on the same day in good health conditions.

TikTok user identified as @prettybeuty32 took to the video-sharing platform to make the announcement with her followers.

Jubilations as two sisters welcome babies on same day

The two sisters could be seen drinking garri  in the same room following their discharge from the hospital, stirring mixed reactions from social media users.

While many congratulated the siblings, others could not help but lament the poor financial state they are in with their newborn babies.ekua_paulla said: “Forget about drink my gari …..these are women that came back from delivery war zone …. congratulations super heroes.”

talktomeniceorkeepshut quizzed: “Abi na 3some dem do ? 😂 just kidding o ! Congrats 🍾 to them.”

iamchizzy_v noted: “Big congratulations to them,but why drinking garri drop account let’s show the new babies some love.”

moment.ugochukwu stated: “Who come pregnant two of them at once😂but sha congratulations🎉.”

iam_florescent noted: “Congratulations to them. God pls provide for them because na nmiri oku ji with uda they suppose be drinking and sweating so that those remaining bl0od will resolve.”

Watch the video below …

Jnr Pope’s family may pay up to N40 million to bury him away from the river


Nigerian man reveals that Jnr Pope’s family must provide N30 – N40 million for traditional rites so he can be buried away from the river.

He revealed this in a live video on Instagram, where he claims it is the norm for people who died by the riverside.

According to him, when somebody drowns in water, the river spirits are entitled to the body and if the family decides to bury them elsewhere, there will be consequences.

However, he says they can settle the river spirits but even at that, it is not a foolproof method to avoid the risks.

The eyewitness who was at the scene of the accident claimed Jnr Pope’s family are aware of the customs and refused to bury him at the river.

The river people did not cause trouble with them or try to get the body from them, only informing them of the consequences of their decision.

Watch the video here!

Old video of Ghanaian prophet warning Junior Pope about a boat accident resurfaces online

  • A video circulating online shows a Ghanaian profit warning Junior Pope in 2023 about an impending accident from the spiritual realm.
  • The Ghanaian prophet, who appeared on a radio show, sent a message to a Nigerian actor in a video.
  • The prophet suggests that Junior Pope should conduct a family crosscheck from his father’s side.
Old video of Ghanaian prophet warning Junior Pope about a boat accident resurfaces online

A Ghanaian prophet warned Junior Pope in 2023 about an impending accident sent from the spiritual realm in an old video that has gone viral.

The actor from Nigeria received a message from the Ghanaian prophet who made an appearance in a radio show in the video.

Junior Pope died out of carelessness as a result of boat drivers trying to catch ‘cruise’ on the sea resulting in the crash between their two boat – Eye witness


According to an eyewitness, Jnr Pope died as a result of the boat drivers attempting to catch a ‘cruise’ on the water, which caused a collision between their two boats.

In a live video on Instagram, the young guy, who is also a movie director, shared detailed of the events.

The individual identified as Stanley explained that the event happened on their way back from the movie site.

In an attempt to impress and show off, the boat drivers swerved dangerously on the water, resulting in a boat collision.

He further stated that the speed boat crew did not have life jackets, which are generally hired out by another group of persons.

Stanley stated that the death of the actor and several crew members was solely the product of carelessness.

Furthermore, he stated that when the tragedy occurred, the wife was promptly summoned to the site and witnessed them hauling her husband’s lifeless corpse out of the water.

He added that around more persons are still missing under the water, and that they will return the following day to find them.

Watch the video here!

AGN president officially confirms death of Junior Pope, three other people missing


The National President of the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN), Emeka Rollas, has confirmed the death of Nollywood actor Junior Pope, hours after denying his death.

The actor and several of his crew members were engaged in a horrific boat accident near Asaba, sparking an outpouring of emotions following the revelation.

While many speculated about Junior Pope’s drowning, Emeka Rollas stated in a now-deleted post that the actor’s health was stable.

However, in a subsequent message, the AGN president apologized for any mistake while confirming the death of the actor and three others who remain missing.

According to Emeka Rollas, his initial post was prompted by enthusiasm after detecting movements in Junior Pope’s hands.

He went on to say that he was brought to two hospitals in Asaba, where attempts were made to resuscitate him, but none were successful.

In his words, “It’s so sad that our joy was short-lived.

My first post was out of excitement when we noticed his tingling fingers.

Two notable hospitals tried their best to revive him but to no avail.

God knows the best.

We finally lost him.

Mr Friday corpse has been identified but three other corpses are yet to be found.”

”I got a neck tatoo so I won’t get a real job – singer, Asake discloses


Nigerian singer and song writer, Ololade Ahmed, often known as Asake, is a well-known Afrobeats artist from Nigeria. He has shared his struggles prior to becoming successful in the music business.

Asake stated in an interview with GQ that obtaining a neck tattoo was the first step towards being unable to obtain an actual employment opportunity.

The singer has a large, noticeable tattoo over his neck that features all five of his stage name.

The 29-year-old artist explained that his tattoos represent determination.

“In Nigeria, if you have a tattoo on your neck, you can’t work anywhere. I can’t work for any company. I can’t sell anything,” Asake explains.

According to Asake, he got the tattoo during a particularly depressing, hopeless, and uncertain period in his life.

“I was tired,” he recalls. “I felt like, I don’t want to keep trying.”

His response to those feelings of doubt was to get a neck tattoo and give himself no other option.

“The second step is just working really, really, hard. You have to understand I got there in two years, but I’ve been working for years,” he says.

“People are counting the days you’re successful.

They don’t count the days you’ve been working toward it. Nobody gives a f3ck about that.”

NLC, TUC threaten strike actions over electricity tariff hike


The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) has told the Federal Government to prepare for the consequences of the recent increase in electricity tariff.

The NLC has described it as wicked and warned the President Bola Tinubu government to be ready to face the consequences of his actions.

Head of Information, NLC, Benson Upah, said:

“We did say earlier that this tariff hike is insensitive and unpopular.

So if the government elects to continue with the hike or persists in something that is evil, I’m sure it is equally prepared for the consequences of that evil.

“The manufacturers are saying this is going to hurt businesses and make the environment more hostile, and we also said so.

There is no place in the world where high power tariffs have supported manufacturing.

Not even in the developed world.

“So, it completely beats our imagination for the minister to have the audacity to say that the policy would continue.

What this means is that the minister and the President are not in charge.

It is saddening that the minister elected to pursue an unpopular policy.”

“It shows that the minister and the President are not in charge.

The people in charge are the World Bank and the IMF.

They are the ones driving this highly injurious policy.

“So, our leaders should be prepared for the consequences of this highly injurious policy.

That is what I’ll say about this issue for now.”



Ghanaian sensation, Black Sherif, returns triumphantly with his latest track titled “Shut Up.”

Shut Up” serves as a showcase of Black Sherif‘s exceptional talent and distinctive style, reaffirming his status as one of the most thrilling artists in the music scene.

It’s a must-add to your playlist, offering a refreshing sound that will enthrall listeners.

Released as Black Sherif‘s newest single in 2024, “Shut Up” is a compelling and captivating song that underscores his lyrical prowess and dynamic delivery.

With its infectious beats and memorable hooks, this track is bound to become a favorite among fans.

Music below: –






Renowned Nigerian songstress, Simi, collaborates with Tiwa Savage to unveil their mesmerizing joint track titled “Men Are Crazy.”

Simi, a naturally talented Nigerian singer and songwriter, continues to captivate her dedicated fanbase with her latest offering, “Men Are Crazy.”

In this new song, she showcases her exceptional musical abilities alongside the immensely talented Nigerian female singer-songwriter, Tiwa Savage.

Music below: –






Nigerian singer-songwriter and performer, Balloranking, has just unleashed a scorching new track titled “Konto“.

This latest offering “Konto” promises to enthrall listeners with its irresistible beats and memorable lyrics. With his signature fusion of afrobeat and dancehall influences, Balloranking further cements his status as one of the most promising talents in the Nigerian music industry.

The song “Konto” is a testament to Balloranking‘s versatility as an artist, showcasing his silky vocals and dynamic delivery throughout each verse.

This track is essential listening for enthusiasts of afrobeat and dancehall genres alike, destined to set the dance floor ablaze.

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EFCC nabs 39 suspected internet fraudsters in Edo


The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Benin Zonal Command, apprehended 39 suspected internet fraudsters in various locations within Benin City, the capital of Edo State.

According to Dele Oyewale, the spokesperson for the anti-graft agency, the arrests were made based on actionable intelligence indicating the suspects’ involvement in computer-related fraud.

During the operation, law enforcement officers recovered eight cars, laptops, and mobile phones from the suspects.

Oyewale stated that the suspects would be arraigned in court soon to face charges related to their alleged fraudulent activities.



“Tested, Approved & Trusted (Major League DJz Amapiano Mix)” is yet another captivating rendition of the thrilling song dropped by the noteworthy Nigerian musician and songwriter Burna Boy.

In addition, Major League DJz, an African dance music duo and music icon, created this intriguing amapiano refix.

On top of that, “Tested, Approved & Trusted EP,” his newly delivered extended playlist contains the above-mentioned composition.

In the end, this unique composition is a blockbuster that you should add to your playlist if you enjoy decent music.

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Ajebo Hustlers, the Nigerian singer-songwriter and performer, present their latest track titled “DREAMS II.”

This enchanting song marks Ajebo Hustlers‘newest release of the year, following their earlier tracks.

Moreover, the impressive record features award-winning artists Zlatan and BlaqBonez, each delivering fiery verses.

Produced by the talented music producer Niphkeys, “DREAMS II” highlights Ajebo Hustlers‘distinctive style and sound.

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Solidstar, the renowned Nigerian singer-songwriter, has released a poignant new single titled “Depression.”

This emotionally charged track delves into the depths of mental health struggles, offering listeners a raw and authentic portrayal of the experience.

The release of “Depression” comes at a time when mental health awareness is more important than ever.

With its stirring lyrics and emotive performance, Solidstar’s latest single is sure to leave a lasting impact on listeners worldwide.

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Victor AD, the versatile Nigerian artist, has finally released his highly anticipated project titled “Realness Over Hype.”

This project comprises 14 captivating tracks featuring a lineup of esteemed artists, including Nigerian sensation 2Baba, the exceptionally talented Joshua Adere, the sensational Bella Shmurda, Ghanaian musical prodigy Kelvyn Boy, renowned Nigerian artist Mayorkun, and the gifted Selez.

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Nigerian singer-songwriter and talented artist, Bayanni, has recently unveiled an enthralling new single titled “Casanova.”

This track serves as a showcase of Bayanni‘s distinctive style and musical skill, firmly establishing his ascent as a rising star in the music scene.

Featuring an infectious melody and memorable lyrics, “Casanova” is an essential addition to any music aficionado’s playlist. Not only does this song spotlight Bayanni‘s vocal prowess, but it also underscores his development and maturation as an artist.

As Bayanni‘s latest release for 2024, “Casanova” is poised to strike a chord with both longtime fans and newcomers alike. So, kick back, unwind, and allow Bayanni’s music to transport you on a journey of love, passion, and self-exploration.

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