5 biggest culture shocks from around the world


A culture shock is the surprise you get when you see or experience a culture that’s radically different from yours.

Today is World Tourism Day, and that’s why we would like to share some culture shocks you are likely to encounter if you are travelling around the world:

1. A toilet situation in China

In China, toilets come with lids, levers, pulls, or balances; some require squatting over a hole.

Plus, there are no doors in the toilets. The Chinese bathroom features a small wall on either side of the toilet, without doors, resembling a booth without a curtain.

This means that you won’t have any privacy and have to watch others use the bathroom while you’re there.

2. Foxes in London

5 biggest culture shocks from around the world


These wild animals are found everywhere in London.

There are an estimated 60,000 foxes in London.

New transport systems enabled people to live and work in different locations, leading to the construction of suburban housing in previously rural areas, allowing foxes to adapt. Fortunately, foxes are not dangerous.

3. Leave food on your plate in China

5 biggest culture shocks from around the world


When you like a meal, you might be tempted to clean your plates, but don’t do this in China as it may indicate a desire for more food, which may be perceived as offensive or even result in more food being given to the person.

4. Keep quiet in Japan

Japan is known for its strict adherence to politeness in public, particularly when travelling by public transport.

Making noise is considered bad manners, and answering your phone on the train is considered rude.

To avoid disturbing other commuters, it is recommended to keep all devices silent until in private, as it is considered rude to disturb others.

5. Eating insects in Thailand


5 biggest culture shocks from around the world


When you are in Thailand, you will be shocked by the number of insects they eat. From bamboo worms to silk larvae, red ants, crickets, scorpions, spiders, and waterbugs, just know that the streets of Bangkok are lined with vendors selling insects to people.

5 biggest culture shocks from around the world


At the end of the day, you ought to be respectful of people’s cultures, no matter how shocking they appear.