Abstain from these 5 actions that can destroy your kidney


The toll on health has been at its peak brink after evolution resorted to kidney diseases.

To date, the world has recorded a whooping number of cases resulting from Kidney diseases that vandalize its victims.

Most often this is caused by the dearth of vital knowledge guiding the evolution as many indulge in activities that negatively impact the health status of the Kidney.

The kidney is a pair of Organs located in the abdomen mostly in humans that remove waste and extra water from the blood as urine and help keep chemicals such as sodium, potassium, and calcium balanced in the body.

In a situation where a victim indulges in activities that retards the efficiency of the Kidney it attracts hazards that would swerve to complications that mostly lead to death.

In this article, we will outline peak actions that destroy the Kidney and detail their effects on our health factor.

5 Actions That Destroy the Kidney


Most often leisure and fun are vital for improving health awareness but in most phases when these categories are abused, they result in incredible hazards that wreck the Kidney health status.

As fun as it looks, too much intake of alcohol destroys the kidney by attacking the hormonal control Mechanism which further results in failures that are highly vulnerable to Kidney damage.

When the hormonal Control mechanism that governs the Kidney fails, it will heavily affect the liver leading to impaired sodium and fluid handling and even acute kidney failure.

This will stretch to symptoms and discomfort that will lead to health complications or sometimes death.

Most victims will experience symptoms like red or pink urine, foamy urine, urinating more frequently or in larger amounts than normal, urinating less frequently or in smaller amounts than normal, swelling in the legs or feet, decreased energy, pain in your lower back or flanks, difficulty in sleeping.


Water plays a vital role in boosting the efficiency of the Kidney. This is because water is the peak pinnacle of metabolism.

When one resorts to the dearth of water consumption, the kidney will be vulnerable and exposed to diseases that will escalate to the worst.

Water helps in removing waste through excretion which further helps in maintaining balance in bodily functions.

The mechanism narrates that when the body intakes enough water it prevents kidney stones formation by reducing the concentration of calcium, oxalate and other salts in the urine and increasing the urine volume.

The medical team had advised that the average human being should consume about 15.5 cups (3.7 litres) of water a day for men and about 11.5 cups (2.7 litres) of water a day for women.

Dearth of sleep

Strange to victims, Kidney efficiency is controlled by the sleep-wake Cycle which positively and negatively affects the efficiency of the Kidney depending on the view of the Sleep-wake cycle.

As we intake different varieties of foods all day, getting enough sleep would yield an easy workload for the Kidney.

According to Dr MacMillan, “We also know that nocturnal patterns can affect chronic kidney disease and that people who sleep less usually have faster kidney function decline.

You are urged to sleep at least 7 – 9 hours daily as several sources have confirmed that men who sleep less are prone to health complications.


This serves as one of the peak habits that destroy the kidneys to the core.

It has been identified as the cliff of most kidney diseases as we record a disturbing number of victims who are linked to smoking habits.

Cancer is a common health negative element smoking habits deploy to the kidney and this is caused by inflammation in blood vessels which increases ‘atherosclerosis’. This refers to a process that causes blockages in blood vessels leading to vast damages in the blood pressure and kidney disease.

Smoking habits also damage the cardiovascular system consisting of the heart and blood vessels leading to non-efficient blood flow to the kidneys which causes kidney damage most often.

Excessive sugar intake

Excessive Sugar intake also serves as a key health hazard that has wrecked an enormous number of kidneys.

When one consumes a lot of sugar from industrial foods, it results in high blood sugar levels. This in turn causes even more havoc to the body.

In each kidney, there are millions of tiny filters called nephrons.

These filters help regulate sugar levels and other substances from metabolism.

However, when one blood sugar is high, it wrecks many cells as well as nephrons causing serious damage to the kidney.

Most often, this will lead to paralysis and other chronic diseases caused by high blood pressure yielded by high blood sugar.


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