Biography of Ibrahim Taore, the soldier behind Burkina Faso’s latest coup


A young man behind the Burkina Faso’s coup that has been making headlines for some days now.

Ibrahim Traore is the current President of Burkina Faso. Born Jan 1988, he is currently the youngest head of state in the world.

He went to the university of Ouagadougou where he graduated with Honours.

He joined the Burkina Faso army in 2009 where he quickly rose in ranks.

He was sent to Morocco for anti-aircraft training.

He subsequently came back and was put in charge of an infantry in Kaya.

He was involved in the Mali war and also helped to suppress the jihadist uprising in Burkina Faso.

Traoré was part of the group of army officers that supported the January 2022 Burkina Faso coup d’état and brought the Patriotic Movement for Safeguard and Restoration military junta to power.

This came after a large section of young Army soldiers became dissatisfied with the government and the performance of Paul-henri Sandaogo Damiba.

Following the coup, Ibrahim Traore assumed the office the supreme head of state, supreme head of armed forces.

In 2023 the government of Traore expelled the France forces that was assisting in the Fight against Jihadist insurgency.

Traore is for the idea to Unite Mali and quinea and if the three happens to hit an agreement it will be the largest territory ruled by military Junta.

During the recent visit to Russia where they met Putin, Traore expressed dissatisfaction with the way in which the African continent is still poor despite having all the resources enough to make us a superpower continent.