BREAKING: Nationwide darkness hits Nigeria as national grid collapsed


Nationwide darkness engulfed Nigeria as the national grid collapsed for the fourth time in 2024 during the Easter holidays.

The grid failure occurred around 4:30 pm on Thursday, according to sources from electricity distribution companies.

Kunle Olubiyo, the president of the Nigerian Consumer Protection Network, confirmed the grid collapse to a reliable source. Power outage affected areas such as Apo, Dawaki, and Utako.

As a result of the collapse, millions of homes and businesses relying on the national grid, centrally managed by Osogbo, Osun State, were left without electricity.

Discos reported that their feeders were inactive, leading to widespread blackouts across the country.

By 6 pm, the Azura Power Plant was the only facility contributing to the grid, producing a modest output of 54 megawatts.

Major power generation plants like Egbin, Afam, Geregu, and others remained dormant, worsening the electricity deficit nationwide.

The grid’s output, which was 2984 megawatts at 4 pm, plummeted to zero within an hour, with all 21 connected plants shutting down by 5 pm.

This incident marks the fourth grid collapse in 2024, adding to the challenges facing Nigeria’s power sector, which has been struggling for decades and worsened since January 2024.