Esteemed artist under the banner of Nigerian label 808 Records, Dotman has just dropped his latest single titled “Esan.”

This eagerly awaited release underscores Dotman’s remarkable prowess as a singer-songwriter and solidifies his position as a luminary in the music industry.

Esan” is an absolute treasure that warrants a special spot on your playlist.

With its irresistible melodies, enchanting lyrics, and flawless production, this song is sure to make a lasting impact on its audience.

Dotman’s distinct vocal style and impassioned performance further enhance the overall excellence of the track, making it a must-listen.

The credit for the exceptional production of “Esan” goes to the extraordinarily talented music producer, Meezy.

Renowned for his ability to craft captivating beats and draw out the best from artists, Meezy has once again delivered a masterpiece with this track.

The seamless fusion of various musical elements and the meticulous attention to detail in the production truly set “Esan” apart.

Music below: –