Otega makes a triumphant return with his latest track, “Figbole.” This eagerly awaited song is a must-add to your playlist, showcasing Otega’s remarkable talent and versatility.

As his first single of 2023, “Figbole” promises to captivate listeners with its infectious beats and compelling lyrics.

Featured in the impressive body of work project, “Leaves and Slips,” “Figbole” emerges as a standout track, emphasizing Otega’s artistic prowess.

With its distinctive sound and catchy melodies, the song is poised to leave a lasting impression on fans and music enthusiasts alike.

The production of “Figbole” was skillfully overseen by the talented music producer, Yusuf Akaani.

His expertise enhances Otega’s vocals, adding an extra layer of depth to the overall sonic experience.

Don’t miss out on this incredible musical journey.

Tune in to “Figbole” now, share it with your friends, and brace yourself for the infectious rhythms and captivating lyrics that Otega has once again delivered.

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