Drake shows off huge collection of bras thrown at him by fans during concert


Canadian rapper Drake was pelted with bras during his It’s All A Blur tour.

The Hotline Bling hitmaker, 36, has handled all the flying intimates in stride, unlike many other singers hurt by flying things.

Why did Drake collect bras?

He has also been saving them, and in a hilarious Instagram Story, the rapper showed off his incredible collection of brassieres.

Two women stand on either side of a large rolling bin as they reach in and take bra after bra after bra out of it.

Eventually, they amass a huge pile of the undergarments.

Drake also shared a picture of himself seated on the ground in front of perfectly arranged rows of various bra designs, sizes, and colors.

In another image, he stood with his arms wide and a massive smile in front of his collection of bras.

The hip-hop star wore jeans with a sweatshirt.