Father of six commits suicide in Ibadan over economic hardship

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A 55-year-old father of six, known as Abib, tragically ended his own life in Ashaka area of Ibadan, Oyo state, due to severe hardship.

The incident, which occurred on Sunday night, was discovered by concerned neighbors who broke down the door the next morning.

Upon entering, they found Abib’s lifeless body hanging from a rope tied to a ceiling fan in the living room.

After a brief ritual, a traditionalist helped lower the body from the rope.

The matter was reported to the Mapo Police station, where two officers investigated the scene.

Abib was known as a peaceful and hardworking man, running a dry-cleaning business despite facing challenges, including a previous hand operation and marital issues that led to divorce.

Neighbors expressed sympathy and bewilderment at the tragic event, speculating about the pressures Abib faced.

His family laid him to rest at a public cemetery in Ibadan.