Girl who asked parents iPhone 8 for birthday apologizes to Nigerians


A young TikToker popularly known as ‘Pretty Yoruba Girl’ who went viral for asking her parents for an iPhone 8 for her forthcoming birthday in a video she shared on social media has apologized to the public for her attitude on Wednesday.

NAIJAHITZ reports that in the three-minute video that went viral on Monday, the girl wrote the caption, “POV: Your birthday is coming, and as a responsible girl, you asked your dad for iPhone 8″ on the handle @pretty..yorubagirl_, she captured herself looking out of the window of a car and her father’s voice in the background reprimanding her for requesting an iPhone instead of focusing on her studies.

The father was heard suggesting that she may sell her body if she desired an iPhone, asserting that girls with such phones are morally corrupt.

He compared this with those pursuing a medical education who haven’t prioritized owning an iPhone, adding that his daughter’s focus on acquiring one before entering university is needless.

The dad further noted he had yet to see anything that showed his future was secured with her, while her mom agreed with her dad, brooding over the reason their daughter has chosen only to give them pain.

The mother also added she is so surprised that a pastor’s child is requesting such.

Meanwhile, the girl posted another video after the previous one elicited diverse reaction across different social media platforms, with some antagonizing her action and others criticizing the parents’ inability to provide her with the phone.

She said,

“I am publicly admitting that what I did was wrong.

I was not supposed to ask for now, and I had no bad intention whatsoever recording their reactions.

“I thought it was just an online video; I never knew it would go viral as much as it did.

I didn’t expect anybody to drag my parents online for scolding me.

“A lot of people have started to say different things.

I never failed JAMB or WAEC as widely published.

The only reason I haven’t gotten an admission was because I was not offered the course I wanted.

I just finished secondary school last year.

The TikToker added that her priority has never been the phone she requested but, on her education, adding that she is still awaiting her name in the admission list of the school she applied to.

She also lamented that the hate comments she and her parents are getting is too much while urging the public to delete the video.

“I am blaming myself because I was the one who put myself out there.

I am sorry to everybody.

Please delete the video.

I am tired; I have not been able to sleep or eat.

I don’t know what to do again,” she wailed.