HA!! My fiancee said we must have a house before getting married


From a Netizen.

Last week I proposed to my long time girlfriend and fiancee and she accepted me.

We discussed a whole range of topics and we are convenienced that we can live our lives together. But one thing we disagree on is the issue of house: she said we must build a house together before settling down but I suggested we tie the knot and live in a rented apartment before planning to build our personal house but she insisted we must build.

She said we will contribute money to build together, she won’t leave me alone in the project. She even suggested withdrawing her savings of #250, 000 so we can buy land.

I have the money and apart from my daily hustle I have other side businesses that springs me money occasionally.

I want to settle down as soon as possible but she cited the problems that comes along with living in a rented apartment.

I really wish to settle down but this lady won’t agree.

I don’t want to cause problem between us so how do I go about convincing her?