Have you seen the TB Joshua BBC documentary? See major crime about him that was revealed


Have You Seen the TB Joshua BBC Documentary? See Major Crime About Him That Was Revealed

In this article, we bring to you the full Summary of the BBC Documentary on Pastor TB Joshua.

The late founder of The Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN), Temitope Balogun Joshua, widely known as TB Joshua, is now in the public eye due to a three-part BBC documentary that delves into allegations of sexual misconduct against the esteemed clergyman who passed away in 2021.

The documentary, released on Monday, January 8, 2024, showcases the accounts of 25 eyewitnesses and alleged victims who assert that they resided with Joshua on his church premises at various times.

Here, we highlight the significant revelations uncovered in the BBC Documentary on Pastor TB Joshua 👇

TB Joshua is a RAPIST

Several women, who were once under TB Joshua’s discipleship, alleged that they were sexually abused by the clergyman.

Abisola, one of his earliest female disciples, claimed she was raped throughout the 14 years she was a member.

She also revealed how the clergyman would ask her to find virgins.

“TB Joshua asked me to find virgins for him, to bring young girls into the disciple fold. In the midnight, this person would be called into his bedroom so that he could disvirgin them.

“We went into his room, and I stood there.

He said, “Off your clothes,” so I removed my clothes.

He just pointed, so I lay down, and then he raped me.

He broke my virginity.

I was screaming, and he was whispering in my ears that I should stop acting like a baby.

I was 17 years old.

I was underage,” another ex-member of SCOAN told the BBC.

TB Joshua had a bad temper problem.

Despite projecting a holy facade, several ex-members attested that TB Joshua had a severe temper.

Instances of physical abuse included a member being slapped for not publishing an article promptly.

Those who witnessed the clergyman in an agitated state would run off, while those who stayed considered it an honor to be slapped by him, viewing it as being close to Jesus.

TB Joshua wanted everything filmed on camera.

TB Joshua insisted on capturing every moment on camera.

Agomoh Paul, a former member of SCOAN, revealed that 90% of the ministry’s earnings were invested in VHS videos, with a strict directive to the camera crew: “Record everything.”

These videos showcased healings at SCOAN, enhancing the credibility of his message of miraculous works.

Rae, a former member living abroad, shared her first encounter with TB Joshua through these videos, describing their profound impact.

Anneka, another ex-SCOAN member abroad, had a similar introduction, finding the videos graphic and shocking, displaying private body parts afflicted with ailments.

In an old interview from the documentary, TB Joshua explained the reasoning behind filming everything, stating, “If Jesus wasn’t recorded in the Bible, you would not believe that he’s the same yesterday, today, and forever.”

He’s obsessed with a WHITE audience.

Paul, once second-in-command, claimed TB Joshua had a preference for a white audience.

He distributed VHS videos to a visiting white pastor from South Africa, successfully attracting a foreign congregation.

The disciples, dedicated followers of TB Joshua, were tasked with spreading the church’s gospel and recruiting members.

Abisola and Paul disclosed targeting vulnerable white individuals, especially unmarried ones, as part of their recruitment strategy.

They explained that certain disciples were assigned to observe and manipulate potential followers without directly approaching them.

In essence, the summary highlights TB Joshua’s emphasis on recording everything, his temperamental behavior, his preference for a white audience, and the disciples’ role in recruiting members, particularly targeting vulnerable white individuals.

The guest house collapsed in 2014.

On September 12, 2014, a guest house within the premises of SCOAN ministries in Ikotun-Egbe, Lagos, collapsed and killed 115 people.

TB Joshua maintained that the building collapse resulted from an aircraft hovering over the said building.

In the documentary, Emmanuel, an ex-worker at SCOAN, claimed the church building had a structural defect.

Rae corroborated Emmanuel’s claim to the BBC, adding that the late TB Joshua went against professional advice to increase the stories.

“The building collapse is a prime example of life under TB Joshua.

It’s a series of cover-ups.

This incident was so significant that it was nearly impossible for him to conceal,” Rae said.

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