“I’m not Naira Marley”- Naira Marley’s look alike cries out (VIDEO)


Marleytey, a Tiktok user, has found himself at the center of a case of mistaken identity due to his uncanny resemblance to Naira Marley.

Since the tragic passing of Mohbad, the internet has been rife with rumors and accusations, with some people accusing Naira Marley directly, suggesting that he may have been involved in the tragic incident.

Naira Marley has been the target of an unrelenting wave of online criticism as a result of the videos and information that have surfaced in recent days, which have only served to confirm these suspicions.

A man who resembles Naira Marley has emerged from the confusion to set the record straight and put an end to the rumors.

He has made the decision to disprove rumors that he is the well-known Nigerian musician.

He claimed that despite his denials, he had been subjected to the brunt of online attacks, with his social media accounts being repeatedly flagged by people who were convinced of his identity.